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Pokémon Go creates distance changes due to pandemic

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Niantic has announced through its website that it will re-enact at least one of its most controversial changes related to its gameplay in Pokémon Go. gyms so you can interact safely. The new base limit is currently 80 meters (262 feet), the distance initially introduced by Niantic at the start of the pandemic.

In early August, Niantic reverted the game’s interaction distance to 40 meters (131 feet), much to the disappointment of its fans who had enjoyed the added accessibility benefits and COVID-19 security that the initial change itself offered. Niantic is now promising to maintain the previously increased distance, thus joining with other changes that will be announced on September 1st.

There are several changes planned by Niantic, some of them more related to gameplay, let’s list a few, the number of gifts that the player can carry in the inventory has increased to 20, Incense will last 1 hour, instead of the previous 30 minutes, challenge any coach to battle it out remotely with a QR code.


Apart from the changes mentioned above, you can see all the details in the Niantic changelog, the incense used to attract wild Pokémon will be less effective unless the player is moving, just as it was before the start of the pandemic. Pokémon Buddy’s Gift Frequency changes are also improved.

This change by Niantic is a positive sign that the company is willing to adapt to the changing needs of its players. This is in part due to Niantic’s internal “task force” formed to deal with player issues and the threat of boycott. Niantic plans to “share the findings of this task force until the next shift in the gaming season” scheduled for September 1st.

Source: Niantic

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