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Play Pokémon Red through Twitter

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Originally released for Gameboy on February 27, 1996 in Japan, the Pokémon Red game was the first title with immediate success. This pocket game shared the adventures of Ash, a young man who wanted to become a Pokémon master, who was accompanied by the famous Pikachu.

While it was not possible to capture Mew officially without relying on Nintendo events, the original Pokémon Red game featured 151 Pokémon and offered battles against other masters. Later, the Pokémon Fire Red remake appeared, which brought new graphics and Pokémon of the new generations, as well as the recent region called the Sevii Islands. As a celebration of the 20 years of the series, the game was relaunched for the Nintendo 3DF on February 27, 2016.

Enjoy Pokémon Red through the social network

In 2014, a Twitch user transformed a Pokémon Red game into an authentic community experience with thousands of players. “TwitchPlaysPokémon” used commands crowdsourced so that we can move around the world of this game, capture all 151 Pokémon in the original series and defeat the Elite Four.

Play Pokemon Red through Twitter

Now, through the social network Twitter, Gameloft 3D programmer Constantin Liétard is developing a similar version, using his avatar. As the game progresses, depending on the travels around the world of Pokémon Red and the challenges that players face, the image is updated.

To move around, Twitter users use commands that let you move the avatar down, up, start, select, among others. Every 15 seconds, comments are “pulled” to successfully command this Pokémon Red game. In addition, the programmer has also made a Discord channel available for players to discuss game strategies.

This game has been available since January 8 and has captivated many players. After all, who needs Twitch to have fun?

Source: The Verge

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