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Planned Homes: 5 Tips for Everything Going Right

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It’s true: planned houses are hard work, because from monitoring the work to choosing materials, there is always a lot of stress involved in the various phases of the project. However, the advantages are obvious: more functional houses and to the taste of the owners and their needs!

To help you through this process, we’ve shared five tips to ensure everything runs smoothly.

1. Don’t neglect planning

Without a doubt, planning is one of the most important steps. At this stage, you should put all the options and discuss the different solutions for your home.

As it is not always easy to visualize the final result, we recommend that you use an application or software that allows you to foresee how the final result will be, as in the case of the platform. Planner5D’s planned house. Take advantage of these tools to experiment until you find the best solution for you!

Planned Homes 5 Tips for Everything Going Right

2. Consult qualified professionals

Equally important is working with qualified and capable professionals. For this, always ask for references and find out about old work that has already been done and the opinion of different customers.

More than that professional who does it cheaper, choose to hire a person who inspires you confidence and, above all, with proven evidence! After all, as we all know, cheap can often be very expensive!

3. Compare budgets

This does not mean that you should not ask for more than one opinion, in order to consult and compare proposals and, of course, prices. Quite the opposite. Although more boring, this type of task is essential.

For this, you can always resort to the habitissimo website to look for professionals near you, choosing based on the bearings presented, but also on the opinions of other users.

As for the project’s budget, our advice is that you also save extra for unforeseen events and last-minute problems. As much as you plan, … things happen, right? This way, you will be more assured!

4. Quality above all

1624975989 936 Planned Homes 5 Tips for Everything Going RightIt is true that planned homes are more work, but think long term. That will be YOUR house made by you, depending on your taste and need. Of course you should look for it ideas and inspiration, but in the end, make choices in a focused way.

Equally important is not to go overboard, choosing only the most expensive! Be very realistic about your budget and the money you can spend. Prioritize your needs well and keep in mind: there will certainly be times when you really have to give in and make compromises for the good of all!

5. What are your priorities?

As mentioned before, it is important to set priorities. This should be done early on in the project.

To do this, take into account your routine, as well as your family’s habits and routines. In a first phase, a functional bathroom could be more important than the pool, don’t you agree?

Also remember that you don’t have to do it all at once! When planning the house of your dreams, you can gradually add and even change the initial plan! That’s why it’s so important to have some flexibility when planning.

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