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Pixel phones spied on criminals for years

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation, better known as the FBI, was able to accomplish a very clever task that resulted in hundreds of arrests using Google’s Pixel phones.

The FBI succeeded In establishing a real company that claims to sell highly secure and confidential Android phones.

This company has targeted the people and organizations who care most about privacy and security, and they are criminals.

The phones sold had a pre-installed app called Anom. AndThe company promoted the app as a completely secure and impenetrable messaging and chatting app, and thus was used by criminals who acquired the company’s phones.

The FBI was able to view every conversation that took place through the app.

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Secret app on pixel phones

The application was used in communication between criminals and in planning criminal operations, and therefore, with the passage of time and constant wiretapping of these criminals, the FBI was able to collect a huge amount of information.

And later, with the thousands of evidence he had. The FBI succeeded in arresting hundreds of dangerous criminals who confessed everything without their knowledge through the Anom software and those high-security phones.

The company, founded by the FBI, was selling phones as secure and privacy-conscious.

But these things attract not only criminals, but ordinary users as well. Therefore, a large number of these phones have spread in the market among ordinary users.

These phones have been traded among users with ignorance of their being. They treated them like very ordinary phones. but sources like Vice has gained access to these phones. Then they knew that they were old A-class phones from Pixel phones, such as the Pixel 3a and Pixel 4a.

What is distinctive about these phones is that, despite being regular pixel phones, they do not come with the default Google play interface.

Instead, it comes with an interface known as Arcane OS, which is an unknown source operating interface.

When using any of these phones, the user is surprised that all applications do not work, for example, when pressing on Instagram, it will not work, as is the case with any other application.

When the phone is restarted, the owner has to enter a certain PIN code for the phone to function normally. Once the user opens the calculator app, they are directed to the secret Anom app.

The quick settings section also includes an option to erase all data from the phone. This option was added to reassure criminals to use the phone without fear. But everything that users do is sent to the FBI in real time.

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