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Pinterest is the first social network to ban weight loss ads

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Since the beginning of this month, Pinterest announced that it would ban all ads related to weight loss. According to the social network, the main objective is to avoid having a platform that could lead to users having depression, prejudice or obsessive behavior.

Therefore, according to its ad policy, it is not allowed content related to weight loss, appetite suppression, fat burning, liposuction, supplements and other procedures aimed at altering the users’ physical shape.

As for the promotion of fitness and well-being products that aim to promote a healthier lifestyle, the platform does not object, if it is not directly related to weight loss, says CNet.

Pinterest is the first social network to ban weight loss

The new Pinterest rules were created in partnership with the US National Eating Disorders Association. This organization reveals that in the last year, it received 41% more calls requesting help, when compared to the homologous year. The association indicates that the COVID 19 pandemic crisis had a very negative impact on eating habits, contributing to the increase in disorders.

Sarah Bromma, policy director for Pinterest, announced that the decision seeks to prioritize the mental and emotional health of users.

From now on, whenever a user searches for this type of content they will be redirected to the NEDA page, where they can get help.

Previously, Facebook and Instagram have placed some restrictions on promoting ads related to diet and weight loss, but Pinterest has become the first platform not to accept this type of content.

Source: CNET

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