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Pictures point to new Porsche 911 soon

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Previous spy photos of the 911 captured a test vehicle equipped with a ‘duck tail’ and the rear hips of a Turbo model, with air inlets opening through the rear fenders. However, the new test vehicle in the last batch of photos does not have these characteristics.

The bumpers are smooth, without the entrances, but it is not the only difference. A close inspection of the new prototype reveals that it has a double bubble roof, which is not present in the other 911 ´Turbo-like´.

The Porsche 911 comes in a variety of ‘flavors’, sometimes making it difficult to identify an unrecognized prototype. A new batch of spy photos shows us a family test vehicle – this is not the first 911 with a ‘ducktail’ spoiler we’ve seen – but this new one has several distinct differences. The front and rear bumpers are also different, with the new test vehicle borrowing the fascias borrowed from the Turbo S.

Pictures point to new Porsche 911 soon

Earlier rumors suggested that the Turbo test vehicle was a new ‘Sport Classic’ model, although this new ‘non-Turbo’ 911 appears to be a much better candidate. The previous 911 Sport Classic arrived with a 3.8-liter naturally aspirated ´flat-six´ that produced 408 horsepower (304 kilowatts) and 310 feet of torque (420 meters of Newton).

It is unclear what the new test vehicle features for motorization, although the likely candidate may be the one that will power the next 911 GTS model. It is said that the car will produce around 470 horsepower (350 kilowatts) when it arrives, and that it should present strong sensations and adrenaline for the new Sport Classic. The new shy photos leave us wondering what Porsche will be doing with the ´turbo-duck´ model.

Porsche has no shortage of 911 variants, so there are several possibilities. If Porsche is developing a new 911 Sport Classic, we expect it to have limited production, just like the 2010 model. Porsche has limited it to 250 models, and Porsche is not expected to reveal the new model by the end of this year. or early next year.

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