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Philips introduces the new SkinIQ Series 7000 shaver with artificial intelligence

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Philips introduces its new Series 7000 shaver, designed to protect the most sensitive skin. This new ally of male personal care, incorporates SkinIQ, a revolutionary new technology of artificial intelligence applied to shaving, which detects the density of beard hair and adapts the intensity of shaving according to the needs of each man.

In this way, it offers a personalized shave, being able to monitor the shaving thanks to its motion control sensor, offering a more effective technique.

“Philips understands that each man has his own style, preference, skin, hair type and facial contours, so a unique approach to shaving does not always work. To feel good, men need a shaver that suits them and their needs, ”says Luis Suárez, PR & Influencer Manager Personal Health at Philips. “Thinking of them, we developed the new Philips Series 7000 with SkinIQ technology. An exclusive device, designed to offer an accurate shave, always with maximum comfort in mind and with minimum skin irritation. ”

Philips introduces the new SkinIQ Series 7000 shaver with artificial

A unique and personalized shave

Thanks to innovative SkinIQ technology, which analyzes and adapts to each face, the new Philips Series 7000 shaver guides men to a comfortable, personalized and refined shave, even on three-day beards. In addition, the integrated motion control sensor tracks and monitors each person’s shaving style, which, together with the Philips GroomTribe app, provides real-time information about each person’s shaving mode and the movements they perform during the process.

In this way, it is possible to obtain a personalized shave, as well as learn some effective techniques for using the product and skin care.

SkinIQ technology is able to measure hair density 125 times per second and automatically adapt the cutting power to improve performance and provide a more pleasant feeling.

Greater comfort and advanced skin protection

To provide a comfortable shave that glides easily on men’s skin, the new Philips Series 7000 shaver with SkinIQ technology includes a unique protective layer on the head: SkinGlide.

Composed of approximately 2,000 technological microspheres per square millimeter that reduce friction on the skin by 25%, the new Philips Series 7000 can be used wet or dry and offers several accessories for a comfortable and complete shave.

Strong cutting capacity

The new Philips Series 7000 combines 45 high-performance steel precision blades with 360-degree precision heads, fully flexible, which adapt to each type of facial contour. In this way you will be able to obtain a close shave that will help to keep the skin soft, providing a great shaving experience.

Its blades are capable of making up to 90,000 cuts per minute, cutting more hair with each touch and achieving a close shave in less time, always respecting the skin.

On the other hand, the flexible shaving heads adapt perfectly to facial contours to achieve an ideal contact with the skin, without causing irritation.

A renewed design tested by dermatologists

The new Philips Series 7000 shaver has been completely redesigned. With a more ergonomic handle and a head that incorporates new shapes and guide channels to direct the hair, its new blade was created to offer greater precision while taking care of the most sensitive skin.

To complete the personal care experience, this new line includes a precision cutting accessory on the shaver’s own body, a convenient carrying case and an exclusive base that cleans, hydrates and prepares the machine for the next use. Everything in perfect condition.

Pricing and availability

The new range of Philips Series 7000 shavers is available on the national market from April 2021, with a PVP starting at 159.99 euros.

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