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Peugeot 2008 was the best-selling car in Portugal

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PEUGEOT placed the new 2008 and 208 in the top two positions for car sales in Portugal after the first three months of 2021. With a total of 1,545 units sold, PEUGEOT 2008 was the absolute sales leader in Portugal.

The segment B model has been showing a remarkable performance in our market and, in addition to the first place in the “ranking” of sales in the quarter, it also accumulated the leadership in the month of March. The new 208 was the second best-selling model in the country, with a total of 1,451 units. The good reception of the PEUGEOT range with national customers also allowed the new 3008 to occupy a position in the list of the 10 best-selling models.

The unavoidable success of PEUGEOT 2008 made it the favorite of Portuguese customers in the first three months of the year, with 1,545 units sold, 538 of which in March. The data now available for these first months of 2021 further reveal that PEUGEOT 2008 achieved a market share in segment B of 12.0% and 28.8% among B-SUVs.

Peugeot 2008 was the best selling car in Portugal

Embodying the brand’s “Power of Choice” strategy in this phase of energy transition, the e-2008 (100% electric version) was also the most commercialized EV in the first quarter among the segment B models, with a total of 149 sales, the which gives it a 30.8% share in this market range.

The PEUGEOT 208 also follows this successful trajectory, which was the second best-selling model in the quarter, with 1,451 units. Leader among segment B sedans with a 19.7% share, the new 208 also had in its electric variant e-208 the leader of 100% electric sedans in this segment, with 99 units sold and 37.2% penetration.

Also noteworthy is the 3008 which, in the first quarter, sold 614 units, placing it in the 10th. place in the ranking of best sellers in Portugal. Along with 2008 and 5008, the 3008 – leader of the C segment SUV – contributed, in a marked way, to the national leadership of PEUGEOT in terms of the SUV market, where the brand totaled 2,363 units sold, with a market share of 19.5%.

Final reference for the PEUGEOT Partner, a model produced at the Stellantis Production Center in Mangualde and which maintains the leadership among light commercial vehicles, totaling 1,011 units in the quarter, which represents a 14.3% share among all vans sold in our parents.

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