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Petal Maps: Huawei’s map application comes to Watch 3

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Huawei today announces that its mapping and navigation tool, the Petal Maps application, is now available in its newcomer Huawei Watch 3 Series, offering multiple features to make users’ moving around easier than ever.

This application is available and downloadable through Huawei AppGallery, the official Huawei app store, and provides real-time navigation information directly on the smartwatch, making it convenient for all users’ movements, even more for those who walk or cycle.

After many months of teleworking, routines have been slowly transitioning back to normal and people have started to move more. The latest version 1.9 of Petal Maps introduces several features that can help at this stage, offering consumers simpler ways to travel: from real-time updates on traffic and weather conditions, to satellite-view maps, and even navigation while on the road. driving or creating lists of favorite places.

Petal Maps Huaweis map application comes to Watch 3

New features available on Huawei’s Petal Maps include:

frequent travels

With the new version of Peta Maps users will be able to quickly navigate their way from home to work and from work to home as efficiently as possible. Petal Maps allows users to enter the location of their home and/or office so they are able to quickly check the travel time and the best route to take, including options for those going by car, walking or cycling, as well as routes for public transport. Home and workplace information is stored in the application only, and is subject to strict privacy protection measures.


As for the weather conditions, the new functionality will allow users to have a detailed view of the weather forecast of the place where they are going. This way of forecasting the weather appears with a new and improved image, showing more immersive animated effects directly on the map, such as storm alerts that catch the user’s attention.

Satellite and Terrain View

The Satellite view available on Petal Maps allows users to see in advance the landscapes they are traveling to via satellite images. The high-resolution map allows users to identify geographic features in more detail, while the Terrain view allows users to get real images of the location while exploring outdoors.

Real-time traffic information

This new update introduced an easier way, using rainbow colors, to help indicate the speed of traffic ahead. In addition, drivers can also have access to enlarged intersection maps, so it’s now easier to follow directions.

Ana Lorena, Head of Marketing and Communication at Huawei CBG in Portugal, says: “With people progressively returning to work and traveling on the rise, this update of the Petal Maps application could not have come at a better time. The technology and the navigation system allow users to get anywhere with greater ease and speed.”

The Petal Maps application was launched in October 2020 and since then the software has continued to bring users a good, differentiated and localized experience. Available in over 140 countries and in 26 languages, Petal Maps has over 2.7 million users across Europe.

Petal Maps is available on all Android smartphones and can be downloaded from either Huawei AppGallery or Google Play.

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