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PES 2022 could have a big advantage to beat FIFA 22

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A few years ago, PES was the main soccer simulator on the market, surpassing FIFA, but in recent years Electronic Arts has managed to change this trend and surpass Pro Evolution Soccer as the best-selling simulator. However, the next generation of the Pro Evolution Soccer game could have a major shift to the soccer simulator, with rumors that the series may be positioned to be “free to play”.

Konami has in recent years released PES Lite as a free alternative to the main game, which focuses on the franchise’s Ultimate Team mode, MyClub. The implication here is that PES 2022 goes beyond that.

The news was courtesy of a VGC podcast, in which editor Andy Robinson alluded to the Japanese editor “really changing everything” with this year’s title. He didn’t give further details – and didn’t specify a source, just noted that’s what he heard – but it would certainly represent a seismic shift for the series and sports games in general.

In an unprecedented move, PES took a year off with eFootball PES 2021: Season Update, effectively releasing the pressure of creating a new simulator, to focus on the transition to the Unreal Engine, as the pandemic also hampered the release of a new game. However, this switch to free-to-play mode is undoubtedly a concern for franchise lovers who like the Master League and single player modes rather than online modes that can easily be taken out of profitability. .

FIFA obviously dominates the football game space, and PES has been forced to dump some of the official licenses. But many feel the gameplay is superior in Konami’s effort, with more accurate ball physics and realistic artificial intelligence.

Also about this game, a Beta version of the new PES was recently released, which led to thinking that it could be the Beta version of PES 2022, but that Konami ended up warning that it was just a way to test the network code online of the new game, and the demo would be far from the final version of the game. However, it is expected that by the end of this month PES 2022 will be presented and at that time we will know more details about this possibility.

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