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Pentagon admits DJI drones are safe

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After months of government ban on DJI drones, I acknowledge The Pentagon now says the drones used may be safe.

It came after lawmakers questioned whether the company was sending information to the Chinese government.

The Pentagon released a report saying: Two government-issued DJI drones are recommended for use by government entities.

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Last year, the Interior Ministry grounded all of its drones, citing fears of possible espionage by the Chinese government.

The Commerce Department put DJI on its Entity List after the company allegedly provided the Chinese government with surveillance technology to internment camps for Uyghur Muslims.

The Pentagon said it did not find any malicious code when it analyzed two drone models.

The Department of Homeland Security previously conducted tests on the DJI Mavic Pro and Matrice 600 Pro in 2019. They found no evidence of data being sent where it shouldn’t.

The new administration appears to have come to a similar conclusion today.

Another report looked at three DJI drones. Including the government versions of the drones mentioned above, to the same result in early 2020.

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DJI’s relationship with the US government:

The Pentagon report does not necessarily reflect DJI’s relationship with the US government. DJI remains on the Entity List, which prevents US companies from selling any of their technology for DJI use.

The Pentagon report comes as Congress considers a law that would ban the government from buying Chinese drones for a full five years, starting in 2023.

Instead, the government has to rely on other approved drones from companies in the United States and France.

Given the restrictions placed on DJI, other companies have built drones at exorbitant prices to meet government needs.

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Nor does government scrutiny prevent the purchase of a DJI drone. Despite all the accusations, DJI is still able to continue selling its consumer products.

Lawmakers are still trying to decide what to do about other Chinese products that are also seen as a security risk.

The Defense Ministry has retracted Xiaomi’s designation as a communist Chinese military company. But it seems that the Biden administration still intends to maintain a ban on the use of Huawei products in US infrastructure.

The government has been concerned about equipment from Chinese companies, such as ZTE and Huawei, that operate as part of its network infrastructure.

The government considered removing the used parts. The Federal Communications Commission estimated last September that the cost of replacing Chinese telecom equipment currently integrated into US networks would be $1.8 billion.

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