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PayPal Pay in 4 will allow you to pay for your purchases in 4 installments

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PayPal’s Pay in 4 now allows you to pay for purchases over time. This is how PayPal’s new interest-free microcredit service works, allowing you to pay for purchases of up to $ 600 (around € 492) in four installments. To use Pay in 4, you must have a valid PayPal account, and connected to a debit or credit card.

When finalizing the online purchase during a purchase, look at the ‘Pay’ button, and then under the normal PayPal Checkout button. You will then be asked to log in to PayPal and select your option and payment information. Will PayPal approve or deny the use of Pay in 4. If there is something expensive on your wish list that you want to buy now, but prefer to pay over time, rather than in advance?

PayPal recently introduced a new service called Pay In 4, which allows you to make an online purchase between $ 30 (about € 25) and $ 600 (about € 492) and pay in four-week installments. According to PayPal, Pay in 4 will not affect your credit score and there is 0% interest on biweekly payments. Basically, it’s like a low-risk microcredit backed by PayPal to make buying bigger items like a TV or a laptop more manageable.

PayPal Pay in 4 will allow you to pay for

To determine whether you are eligible, PayPal claims that it runs a credit check. Your payment dates and the amounts due on each date will be displayed before making the purchase, so you know exactly when and how much your credit or debit card will be charged for each payment. Your first payment is due at the time of purchase, followed by three installments every 15 days until the balance is paid automatically.

All you need to worry about is keeping your debit or credit card in good condition during the payment period and managing your credit card payments as usual (unless you used a debit card, which you would withdraw automatically funds from your bank account).

A very interesting option, but unfortunately it is not yet available in Portugal, but it is already known that as a company present globally, it may be an option to expand to other countries soon.

Source: CNet

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