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Panasonic presents the new TV JZ2000, with artificial intelligence and news for gamers

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Panasonic announces the launch of its new OLED TV JZ2000, the company’s flagship for 2021. This launch reaffirms Panasonic’s commitment to the highest quality OLED TVs, with features for film and sound lovers, and for the first time also for gamers, with news highlighted.

Artificial intelligence arrives on Panasonic’s JZ2000 TV, through the new HCX Pro AI processor, which is able to identify the content being played to automatically optimize the image and sound. This makes the user experience even more immersive.

To deliver the best gaming performance, Panasonic significantly reduced latency (input lag) in Game mode. In addition, the company presents the Game Mode Extreme, with new features such as compatibility with HDMI2.1 Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and High Frame Rate (HFR).

The new JZ2000 TV also offers sound improvements, thanks to new loudspeakers aimed at both sides, which complement the loudspeakers directed towards the ceiling and the front ones. This combination manages to generate surround sound that improves the experience of watching movies, sports and games.

Panasonic presents the new TV JZ2000 with artificial intelligence and

The panel was modified to measure by Panasonic, to achieve better brightness levels compared to other conventional OLED TVs, making HDR content appear more subdued in these compared to the JZ2000. My Home Screen 6.0, the TV’s operating system also incorporates improvements and new features, such as my Scenery or Dual Bluetooth Connection.

Yasushi Murayama, responsible for Panasonic’s Image and Sound business unit strategy: “We want our TVs to be a benchmark and that users automatically enjoy the best picture and sound settings. With artificial intelligence we are able to bring technology closer to our customers and create visual and auditory experiences with maximum comfort ”.

The television will be available next summer at 65 and 55 inches.

New HCX Pro AI Processor and Auto AI Mode

The JZ2000 television includes the new HCX Pro AI Processor, with artificial intelligence, which is able to accurately detect the type of content being played in real time, analyzing the image every second. The automatic adjustment of image and sound quality provides an unbeatable experience and further reinforces Panasonic’s commitment to maximum quality immersion and viewing.

1610531297 956 Panasonic presents the new TV JZ2000 with artificial intelligence and

The artificial intelligence built into the processor compares the image being reproduced with an extensive content library, and has learned to automatically optimize both the image and sound quality. More than 1 million different contents were used to achieve the highest precision, so that the content can be enjoyed with optimized image and sound settings.

If the processor detects, for example, a football game, it adjusts the image quality so that the pitch is more vivid and the players look more realistic. The sound is also adapted to make you feel inside a football stadium. On the other hand, for cinematographic content, colors are captured with greater precision and the television adjusts the image quality to achieve the cinematic quality so characteristic of Panasonic televisions.

Game Mode Extreme and gaming experience improvements

The power of the HCX Pro AI processor allowed to significantly reduce latency in games, also known as “input lag”, a lag that occurs between the moment a button is pressed on a joystick and the display of the action on the screen. The significant engineering improvements developed by Panasonic, allow the new JZ2000 TV to reduce latency to one of the lowest values ​​in the industry for an OLED.

This reduction in latency is one of the main components of “Game Mode Extreme”, which provides a fluid gaming experience, making the JZ2000 the ideal TV for fans and professional players thanks to continuous images, without interruptions or gaps. Game Mode Extreme consists of the following elements:

  • Low latency.
  • Compatible with HDMI 2.1 Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and High Frame Rate (HFR).
  • A unique image mode for gaming (game mode).
  • Compatible with HDMI Power Link, which improves the experience and ease of use with devices not compatible with CEC, such as the old Set Top Boxes or PCs.

1610531298 830 Panasonic presents the new TV JZ2000 with artificial intelligence and

Better quality audio to complement the latest advances in the market

The OLED JZ2000 also features sound improvements, such as loudspeakers aimed at both sides, which join the upright sound speakers that were incorporated last year in the HZ2000 TV. The result is a Soundscape Pro 360 ° sound, capable of delivering immersive audio experiences with Dolby Atmos content thanks to the upstream, side and front speakers.

The addition of more loudspeakers means that the JZ2000 is able to capture directional sounds better than ever, giving viewers a real sense of immersion. With films, users will experience a cinematic level of surround sound; with sports, they will have an even deeper feeling, as if they are inside a stadium. The JZ2000 offers a powerful and dynamic output complemented by a powerful bass, a sound system developed with the support of engineers from Technics, Panasonic’s acclaimed Hi-Fi brand, which makes this product “Tuned by Technics”.

Panasonic’s custom OLED panel for greater brightness

Like its predecessor, the JZ2000 features a Master HDR OLED Professional Edition panel, which allows a clear improvement in brightness compared to other OLED TVs on the market. Panasonic’s R&D engineers have exclusively customized the panel, for greater control over parameters that affect image quality. The JZ2000 provides higher levels of brightness with greater dynamic range, making HDR content appear more subdued on other OLED TVs.

1610531298 278 Panasonic presents the new TV JZ2000 with artificial intelligence and

Tuned in Hollywood and compatible with different formats

The new JZ2000 television is the sum of Panasonic’s technical precision with the color adjustment capabilities of Stefan Sonnenfeld, a colorist and collaborator on some of the world’s most recognized films (Jurassic World, Star Wars: The Force Awakens or 300, among many others). Stefan defends the power of color correction to tell stories and convey emotions.

In addition, like many of the leading colorists, Sonnenfeld also uses Panasonic’s OLED screens as reference monitors for large format productions in his daily work. In fact, Panasonic’s OLEDs are widely used in studios and post-production houses.

The JZ2000 is compatible with a wide range of HDR formats, including Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Vision, Filmmaker Mode and HLG Photo, the still image format that brings this type of photography closer to the HDR world. As for Filmmaker Mode, Panasonic maintains its unique combination with Intelligent Sensing, which dynamically adjusts the image based on ambient light levels.

Dolby Vision IQ extends the benefits of Dolby Vision beyond HDR, automatically optimizing image quality regardless of ambient light or type of content. The TV is also compatible with HDR10 + Adaptive, which dynamically adapts HDR content to the room’s lighting conditions, maintaining creative intentions without loss of detail or contrast.

My Home Screen 6.0 operating system improvements

The latest version of the My Home Screen 6.0 operating system incorporates considerable improvements in the usability of the JZ2000 TV.

The new my Scenery function allows you to choose and play a selection of images and videos according to different moods or time of day. The collaboration with LoungeV Studio and LUMIX CLUB material, allows relaxing images and videos on the JZ2000 and thus creates different environments.

Dual Bluetooth Connection is another new feature that allows simultaneous transmission of sound to two separate Bluetooth devices. Thanks to this feature, you can, for example, watch a movie on the TV and listen to the sound through two wireless headsets.

The interface has also been improved for quick access to the most common settings. In addition, the JZ2000 is also compatible with most voice assistants, allowing users to use some functionality in a more convenient way.

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