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Panasonic introduces the new LUMIX GH5M2

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Panasonic introduces the new LUMIX GH5M2, a Micro Four Thirds format camera with exceptional video performance that incorporates improvements over its predecessor, the iconic GH5.

The LUMIX GH series was designed with the professionals of the world of video and content creators in mind. Following this line, the new LUMIX is the perfect camera for creating videos, since it can record virtually without limits in a wide variety of configurations and with unmatched performance.

Among its most outstanding features, we find notable improvements in video formats, wireless live streaming and several improvements in operability.

The new GH5M2 will be available in early July. Panasonic launches a promotion on the purchase of the new GH5M2 which consists of offering a 25 mm lens and an extra battery, a pack valued at 280 euros. The promotion will run until July 31, 2021.

Panasonic introduces the new LUMIX GH5M2

Improved video quality

Developed on the basis of its predecessor, the LUMIX GH5M2 achieves a 10 bit C2K / 4K 60p 4: 2: 0 video recording and can simultaneously output 10 bit 4K 4: 2: 2 over HDMI. Even at 4K / 60p, the entire sensor area of ​​the GH5M2 is used, allowing the user to record videos without cropping from the original lens viewing angle.

The new LUMIX also offers a high dynamic range and a wide spectrum of colors, thanks to the pre-installed V-Log L, without the need for a separate software update code. The great advantage of this function is the collection of all the necessary information, which is then adjusted to the creative process in post-production. With this function, it is very easy to combine the color tone with the sequences recorded in the V-Log with the S1H / S1 and in the V-Log L with the GH5 / GH5S.

35 conversion LUTs compatible with VariCam cinema cameras are also available, which can be downloaded free of charge. On the other hand, LUMIX GH5M2 incorporates other video tools, such as Waveform Monitor and V-Log View Assist.

Like the acclaimed S1H, the LUMIX GH5M2 offers two types of presets from the Cinelike range. These modes create impressive looks with warm skin tones or delicate shades of light and shade, even without the gradation of colors in the V-Log material. The Cinelike D2 preset gives priority to dynamic range, while Cinelike V2 gives priority to contrast. L.Monochrome S and L.Classic Neo modes have also been added. All of these presets are also available in anamorphic mode.

High speed and precision to capture every detail

The 20.3 megapixel Live MOS digital sensor with anti-reflective coating captures all the details perfectly, minimizing ghosting and flashes even in backlit situations. The image processor has also been updated to use the latest high-speed, high-performance Venus engine.

Compared to the GH5, the LUMIX GH5M2’s high-speed, high-precision AF detects the eyes and face approximately twice as fast and continues to recognize them even when the object is 50% smaller than the GH5 would need to be able to detect. The camera follows the object, even if it turns its back, tilts its head or moves away. Improvements in DFD technology have enhanced AFC, allowing users to track objects, even the smallest ones, with precise focus when the shutter is released.

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To allow steady, freehand shooting, the LUMIX GH5M2’s image stabilizer is even more advanced than its predecessor, allowing you to use a 6.5 slower shutter speed. With the adoption of the latest algorithm developed for the S1H, video recording is smooth and stable even when the camera is in motion.

A 3.0-inch free-angle LCD touchscreen with a 3: 2 aspect ratio and a high resolution of 1840K dots has been incorporated into the new GH5M2. Compared to the GH5, the screen features greater brightness and superior color reproduction to ensure high visibility outdoors. In addition, the “Frame Marker” function can be used to check the composition when recording in various common aspect formats, such as 16: 9, 4: 3, 1: 1, 4: 5, 5: 4 and 9 : 16. As with other LUMIX models, a red indicator on the screen and on the EVF indicates when the camera is recording.

The great revolution of the GH5M2: wired or wireless live streaming, Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi

The new GH5M2 includes different connectivity options and improvements over the GH5.

It is possible to broadcast live with high quality both inside and outside with a minimum of equipment: only the LUMIX GH5M2 and a smartphone with the LUMIX Sync application. According to the RTMP / RTMPS protocol using the H.264 codec, a maximum image resolution / frequency of FHD / 60p at 16Mbps is allowed. For live cable transmission, the dedicated LUMIX Webcam software is available for free download.

The new model incorporates Bluetooth 4.2 and 5GHz (IEEE802.11ac) and 2.4GHz (IEEE802.11b / g / n) Wi-Fi connectivity for efficient use of the camera. Once the camera is connected to a smartphone or tablet with Panasonic’s LUMIX Sync for iOS / Android, users can shoot, browse and share photos and videos remotely. On the other hand, dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz or 5GHz) provides a secure and stable connection.

Taken together, the GH5M2 provides connections not only with smartphones, but also with routers or other network devices.

Maximum perfection and reliability for professionals

All elements of the new LUMIX GH5M2 have been designed so that the camera adapts to intensive use outdoors, making it an extremely reliable product and ideal for professionals in the world of video and content creation.

To make it even easier to use outdoors, the camera has a new battery with a high capacity of 2200 mAh that allows the supply of power during recording and also charging via USB PD (power supply) and via AC or USB. The LUMIX GH5M2 is equipped with a double slot for SD memory cards, compatible with high speed and capacity UHS-II cards, classified as V90, for retransmission, backup and recording by assignment.

Other useful and easy-to-use accessories inherited from the GH5

The LUMIX GH5M2 is strong enough to withstand intensive use on the ground. In fact, its front and rear structure is composed of a magnesium alloy and the body is resistant to splashing, dust and freezing down to -10 ºC.

1622040923 533 Panasonic introduces the new LUMIX GH5M2

This new model supports the DMW-XLR1 microphone adapter, which allows you to record high-resolution stereo sound at 96kHz / 24bit and is ideal for recording with lip sync.

In order to improve its ergonomics and usability, the remote control of the DMW-RS2 shutter is also available, which allows minimizing unwanted movement and facilitating the recording of continuous shots or keeping the shutter open for an extended period.

It is also possible to use two batteries, one on the camera itself and the other on the DMW-BGGH5 battery grip. This grip extends the camera’s battery life and makes handling the device more comfortable, even when shooting vertically. It can be operated intuitively with a joystick and adapts perfectly to the camera, with a splash, dust and freeze resistant design. To facilitate recording selfie videos and attaching the camera, the DMW-SHGR1 grip tripod is available.

Finally, with the LUMIX Tether software, users can control the camera on a PC via USB. The software allows both the user and other viewers to view images on a PC screen while shooting, which helps with commercial photo shoots of portraits, products, etc.

Future firmware updates

The LUMIX GH5M2 will continue to evolve with a future firmware update, scheduled for the end of 2021. The new firmware includes: Live View Composite, USB Tethering (connected to a smartphone via 4G / 5G), compatible streaming distribution, connection still more stable to smartphone and IP streaming over RTP / RTSP cable.

On the other hand, the firmware update for LUMIX G / LEICA DG lenses will make their use with the GH5M2 more comfortable, allowing users to choose a non-linear or linear configuration for the focus ring. In the non-linear configuration, the focus moves in a variable way, according to the rotation speed of the focusing ring. In the linear configuration, the focus moves at fixed intervals, depending on the lens rotation, imitating a manual lens. The sensitivity in the linear configuration can be adjusted between 90 and 360 degrees in 30 degree intervals.

The firmware programs will be available on the LUMIX website on June 8, 2021.

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