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Outsystems and Farfetch are the most valuable “unicorns” in Europe

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A study of the GP Bullhound bank shows that Portuguese startups Outsystems and Farfetch are among the most valuable in Europe. European unicorns are worth 672 billion euros, and in 2020 they almost doubled the value to 166 startups in the region with an appreciation of over one billion euros.

The data, which report to last month, show that Portugal has the third most valuable unicorn in Europe, among unlisted companies, which is Outsystems, led by Paulo Rosado. Our country is also the 9th most valued company in the region, among those listed on the stock exchange, which is Farfetch.

The data also show that in the last year 52 new unicorns appeared in the region, one of them Portuguese, Feedzai. That is, almost a third of the startups women in this category rose to unicorn status in the last year.

Leading the ranking of the most valuable is the Dutch Adyen, followed by Spotify and the Swedish Klarna, which this year have already had, or still have, valuations in the order of 50 billion dollars, or higher, as is the case with Adyen.


Outsystems reappears in the list of companies that stand out in the quarter, due to the ability to attract investment in the first three months of the year.

By areas, business software is the area of ​​activity that concentrates the greatest number of unicorns (21), followed by fintech, marketplaces and e-commerce. However, throughout this year, the growth that stood out most was that of companies in these last two sectors, reflecting profound changes in consumer preferences.

By regions, The study shows that the UK remains the country in Europe with the highest number of unicorns, but it is no longer the one where these companies create the most value. The position was taken over by Sweden, birthplace of Spotify or Klarna.

Source: Titans of Tech

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