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Outriders will be released this week

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This week, Square Enix will launch Outriders. Many players are queuing up to try this game. The demo proved to be a great success, especially after the generous offer of free content. Players can download the demo, as well as accumulate their experience on the day of the launch of Outriders.

Outriders Demo

The demo revealed the first (complete) chapter to players, including the initial story and tutorials, as well as the mechanics that are introduced throughout the game. Anyone with a PC, Xbox One and PS4 can enjoy this experience and, even this week, will be able to enjoy more exciting options.


Square Enix has scheduled the launch of Outriders for midnight on April 1. So, starting on Thursday, all players with Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4 and PS5 can start playing immediately. However, players who want to enjoy from the PC, will have to wait longer to gain access.

Outriders will be released this week

Game history

In partnership with Square Enix, People Can Fly’s latest action RPG promises an intense multiplayer adventure for up to three players. Players take on the role of an Outrider (person with special powers) on a futuristic planet called Enoch, where they fight against the horrible creatures of this world.

One of the best selling games

On March 30th, the Outriders officially reached the second place of Steam’s best-selling games, even “defeating” Loop Hero and Valheim who had been breaking consecutive records on the Valve platform. They are only behind the It Takes Two of the Hazelight study!

Therefore, it seems that the demo released in early March has had a positive effect on players. Take the opportunity and watch the video below to understand what you’re missing (if you haven’t tried the demo yet)!

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