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Option to run WhatsApp on more than one device may be close …

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There is a lot to love on WhatsApp, but also some small imperfections that can hinder users in the wrong way.

Fortunately, the app is constantly evolving so you can bet that if a particular feature is missing or not working as you would like, there is a reasonable chance that it will be classified quickly.

But even before the changes appear in the application for you to use, there are often hints in the code about what is currently being worked on. We’ve already seen hints that support for multiple devices is in progress, and a fresh look at the code in a beta version of the app shows that the feature may be almost complete.

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At the moment, largely due to the fact that WhatsApp is linked to your phone number, you can only use the app on one device at a time. This usually means using it to chat on the phone, but there are web and desktop applications that you need to activate with your phone.

But this is a complicated operation, and it is not really the support for multiple devices that many people are looking for.

The option to run WhatsApp on more than one device is something that many people believe should be available from the start, and now it looks like it’s finally on its way.

WABetaInfo took a look at the latest beta version of WhatsApp and found references to “Linked devices” in Settings and an interface for managing multiple devices.


Currently, the feature is under development and is clearly not exactly how it will work, but it looks like it will soon be possible to use the same WhatsApp account on up to four devices.

This is great news for people moving between a phone, tablet, desktop computer and a laptop, as it should mean a much smoother experience.

The Linked Devices sections that are hidden in the beta version of WhatsApp still don’t work properly, but show what’s on the horizon.

It will be possible to add a new device from the application that will be able to use the same account and you will be able to monitor and manage which devices you are connected to through this interface.

At the moment, there is no information on when the feature will be made available to the public, but it is clear that the developers are working hard, so I hope it is not far.


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