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Optimal CPU and graphics card temperatures while gaming

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Playing games on PC is not a simple process. It requires the device to run as hard as possible to deliver the best in-game performance. Also resulting from this high load are high temperatures.

A gaming PC is made up of many parts and components. The most prominent of these components are the CPU and GPU. They are parts that are exposed to increased temperatures due to heavy tasks.

And anyone who uses their device for heavy tasks such as gaming should keep an eye on the temperatures. This is to try to reach the ideal temperatures while playing.

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Optimal gaming temperatures

The ideal temperatures for each piece are determined by self-measurement. Not measured at room temperature or the surrounding environment. The ideal gaming temperature for the CPU and GPU is 65-75 degrees Celsius.

If the device is used at this level, the user will not suffer any problem. It is also possible to reach a maximum of 85 degrees Celsius, but if the processor or graphics card is overclocked. This degree can be acceptable for a limited period of use and not for the long term.

If the user exceeds the maximum temperature, the device will not explode or its components will melt. In fact, modern computers contain this problem in more than one way, and the most prominent of these methods is to reduce the performance of the piece when its temperatures rise.

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What causes an increase in temperature?

The temperature of the internal components is normal. But in the event that this rise is repeated to become semi-permanent, this undoubtedly poses a danger to the device.

Perhaps the first reason for the high temperature is dust and dirt. Its accumulation on the internal components of the PC, especially the graphics card and the central processor, contributes to preventing cooling and thus increasing heat.

Another very important reason is poor airflow, and it is recommended to use wide PC bags with a number of properly installed fans. This means that any fan damaged or stopped working will damage the machine, and it needs to be replaced.

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The user can monitor the temperature of the personal computer and its components through a program HWMonitor. With specialized programs from manufacturers to monitor temperature and solve some of its problems, such as AMD Ryzen Master from AMD and Intel Extreme Tuning Utility from Intel.

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