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Oppo launches OPPO Band Sport and OPPO Band Style in Portugal

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OPPO expands its offer of wearables in Portugal with the arrival of its smart bracelets: OPPO Band Sport and OPPO Band Style.

The new OPPO Band has a function of continuous monitoring of oxygen levels in the blood, which allows you to monitor its saturation (SpO2). Both bracelets also offer 12 training and water resistance modes up to 50 meters deep, perfect for active lifestyles. In terms of design, OPPO Band Sport and OPPO Band Style follow OPPO’s aesthetic line, incorporating a 1.1-inch color AMOLED screen.

The sleep guardian always with you with continuous SpO2 monitoring

The wellness monitoring function of the new OPPO Band specializes in detecting sleep problems. The OPPO band supports accurate monitoring of sleep and heart rate, as well as continuous monitoring of blood oxygen levels, providing comprehensive records and analysis of the user’s sleep status.

Oppo launches OPPO Band Sport and OPPO Band Style in

Continuous monitoring of SpO2 is possible through the optical blood oxygen sensor. This sensor allows the OPPO Band to continuously monitor the oxygen saturation in the blood when the user is sleeping. During an eight-hour sleep cycle, it performs uninterrupted monitoring of SpO2 (28800 times), measuring the oxygen saturation of the user. With the continuous SpO2 monitor and the professional sleep monitor, OPPO Band can help users create healthier sleep habits.

OPPO Band also has a built-in optical heart rate sensor. The built-in optical sensor allows you to monitor the user’s heart rate throughout the day. If the heart rate is too high, the smart band will vibrate to warn the user that the heart rate is irregular. Thanks to the OPPO Band, which measures heart rate during exercise, users can avoid over-training and know what pace they need to maintain to ensure they are making progress towards achieving their goals.

An active life with 12 sports

OPPO Band were created to facilitate training. Both bracelets have 12 built-in sports that allow users to check their progress on the HeyTap Health app, an essential element that encourages an active lifestyle.

Comfort at all times

OPPO Band can also function as a smartphone extension. Users can receive message and call notifications, control music playback and even find their smartphone. Maximum comfort for modern life.

As for the battery, the OPPO Band uses a high-performance, low-power processor. With a 100mAh battery, it can be fully charged in just an hour and a half.


You can now buy the OPPO Band Sport in black for the € 49 PVPR or the OPPO Band Style in black for the € 69 PVPR at the main retailers in the country.

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