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OPPO Enco X earphones review: quality earphones

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The renowned OPPO launched the latest earphones in its popular Enco TWS series. Dubbed the OPPO Enco X, the TWS headphones are integrated into a dual-core chipset that controls the ANC (active noise cancellation) feature.

In an attempt to provide a superior acoustic experience, leading smartphone manufacturers have invested a lot of money in the TWS headset segment. Many mobile phone manufacturers have created their own TWS headsets through updates and iterations, and OPPO is no exception.

Considered one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in China, OPPO has always had a deep technical inclination in the audio segment. Unlike their predecessors, which focused mainly on creating inexpensive headsets, the OPPO Enco X were produced with excellence in aim, at a good price, as you can see here.

OPPO resorted to the use of classic appearance as a model for the design of previous generations of Enco. The company uses several improvements to grow in the TWS headset market and adopts the same strategy even for OPPO Enco X.

OPPO Enco X earphones review quality earphones

Headset design

Enco X adopts the simplified curvature design of the company’s original MP3 OPPO X3. This simplified curvature design complements the circular metal structure, and the cargo box arch is designed to fit the palm arch. In addition, it weighs only 52.5 grams. That is, it is not uncomfortable to walk with them in the pants pockets.

These headphones adapt perfectly to the internal anatomy of the ears, with a rounded cavity and short handle design, also giving it an elegant appearance. The outside of the headset strap has a special diaphragm, which has an intelligent effect of light and shadow under the light.

Perfect adjustment and noise cancellation

OPPO Enco X comes in three highly attractive color options, including nighttime, white song and bamboo rhyme. The nomenclature of colors coincides with the Chinese national style. The device comes with three types of earplugs (L, M, S).

The headphones, which connect to the user’s smartphone, allow position adjustment for more comfortable use and an enhanced listening experience without compromising the sound insulation effect and the noise reduction effect.

1609754799 320 OPPO Enco X earphones review quality earphones

Light as a feather

With regard to wearing comfort, its weight of 4.8 grams, together with design elements such as optimized ergonomic design, silicone ear protectors and ultrashort catheters, ensure that they are light inside the ear. In addition, intelligent interaction is also perfect.

Enco X are smart

The new TWS headsets offer smarter performance, such as quick pop-up and box match. In terms of wear detection, the OPPO Enco X earphones include a new function for a noise reduction environment. If one headset is removed from the ear, the other automatically activates transparent mode to make the user’s communication easier.

The oval area on the side of the earphones houses a set of external microphones for noise reduction. The eartip also has a noise reduction microphone, allowing it to be more accurate, as well as ambient sound detection. The stem has metal contacts on the bottom, which are charged when the headphones are inserted into the charging box.

1609754799 816 OPPO Enco X earphones review quality earphones

Sound quality and connection to various devices

OPPO X Dynaudio delivered highly impressive Hi-Fi sound quality. With the loudspeaker manufacturer’s leading acoustics expert Dynaudio and his team working together this time, audio enthusiasts are likely to experience radically improved sound quality.

OPPO Enco X comes with support for connecting multiple devices, meaning even one device can be connected. The company has provided a one-key device switching function, and users can switch between the last two connected devices by simply pressing the headphone strap for more than 3 seconds. This function is also available on non-OPPO smartphones and works on computers and tablets as well.

1609754799 609 OPPO Enco X earphones review quality earphones

Verdict: Oppo Enco X

The buttons on the OPPO Enco X earphones support a “transparency mode” and have a battery life of up to 30 hours when combined with its case. They cost about 130 euros, which is a very affordable price, and you can even find them at a lower price in certain stores.

<< Compre o Oppo Enco X >>>

The Enco X buttons connect to Android or iOS smartphones, paired with Bluetooth 5.2. They have a dedicated chipset and a triple microphone system that works with absolute clarity in voice calls.

External noise cancellation is fantastic, allowing the user to “get lost” in their favorite music or to talk on the phone without external distractions to intrude on the concentration of the conversation.

1609754799 813 OPPO Enco X earphones review quality earphones

Finally, considering that we are talking about an OPPO product, which has already accustomed us to expect the best of its creations, the Enco X earphones are a great option for those looking for a device of the kind, which is increasingly essential these days .

We want to thank Oppo for making the product available to us for testing and you can purchase the equipment at Amazon for € 179.99, both in white and black.

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