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Oppo can strengthen presence on smartphones with incredible partnership

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The smartphone market has seen a huge evolution in recent years. While it is true that Apple and Samsung have been leading the market, in terms of innovations it has been other manufacturers, with a clear emphasis on Chinese companies seeking partnerships with renowned companies to improve aspects of their equipment.

Now, the great partnership that soon comes to mind is between Huawei and Leica, which allowed the Chinese company to drastically improve the photographic quality of its equipment and which, for several years, has been leading for a long time one of the highest rankings. important in this area, DxOMark. And other smartphone makers know this and have realized that it’s a strategy they should follow and have already followed.

This year, we’ve already seen OnePlus launch the new OnePlus 9 in partnership with Hasselblad and we also can’t forget about the Nokia N95 and its partnership with Carl Zeiss who also impressed the market with its photographic quality in 2007. Now, the next manufacturer could be Oppo, which could partner with one of the leading photography brands, Kodak.


The information was released by Digital Chat Station, which points out that Oppo is working on a new top of the range later this year, which will feature two Sony IMX766 camera sensors. However, he will also be working on a device in partnership with Kodak that intends to pay homage to the classic design of the Kodak 35 camera, and it is not clear whether they are two different devices or the same, as I deposi mentions that this device is in partnership. with Kodak will have two 50MP sensors, which are the same used in the Sony IMX766. Furthermore, it mentions another 13MP telephoto sensor and a 3MP microscope, the latter similar to the Oppo Find X3 Pro.

However, we have to bear in mind that this is no guarantee of success. Also because, looking at the good examples I gave above, I also gave an example that is not a success like the other two. Yes, I’m talking about the partnership between OnePlus and Hasselblad which doesn’t have the photographic results as impressive as the other two.

Although OnePlus and Oppo belong to the same company and until recently we realized that they will share many resources, we continue to talk about different teams and, certainly, they have understood the various criticisms pointed out to the OnePlus partnership and will not want to repeat the same.


We must also not forget that Google, Apple and Samsung are performing well without needing to partner with major photographic brands, although there are rumors that point towards a close partnership between Samsung and Olympus to offer a major photographic improvement in the Samsung’s upcoming smartphone, the Galaxy S22.

Source: PocketNow

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