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Oppo beats Apple in smartphone market

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Smartphone sales are recovering at an accelerated pace, brands are starting to aim stronger and stronger on their devices, in order to reach the top of the sales chart. First place is currently occupied by Samsung, but second place is the position that has suffered the most fluctuations.

With Huawei’s downfall in the smartphone market, many research companies are wondering who will be the manufacturer that can take its place and consolidate itself in the runner-up position.

After seeing Xiaomi making a very strong presence in the market, now it was OPPO’s turn to beat Apple and take the second position.

OPPO’s growth has been very accelerated since until recently it did not have a strong presence in the smartphone market. Your bet on entering the European market seems to be working.

Oppo beats Apple in smartphone market

The approximation between the TOP 3 is increasing as we have seen, the 3 brands already present themselves almost as one. It is precisely this cluster that has now achieved a feat for the brand.

OPPO uses the following brands as part of its global strategy:

OPPO – medium to low cost offline smartphones;
REALME – low-level online smartphones;
ONEPLUS – premium smartphones;

Each brand increases its knowledge independently depending on their respective areas, and this strategy has shown good results so far.

This scenario is already known from the past, Huawei managed to pass Apple and take the second position in the market. The big difference in the case of OPPO is that it operates in a market where Huawei had not entered. We are talking about the USA, where OnePlus has achieved good results.

This increase in sales is due to a slowdown in Apple sales, it is suspected that the slowdown at Apple is due to the possible proximity of the launch of a new iPhone.

Source: counterpoint

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