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Oppo Announces Second Generation Under-Screen Camera

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Oppo announced its new under-screen camera technology. After building a working prototype two years ago, the company has been working hard to improve it so that it is more suitable for commercial use and is now finally ready to release this product!

The panel was jointly developed with BOE, one of the most prominent monitor manufacturers in China. The companies worked together to develop an innovative pixel geometry that shrinks each individual pixel size over the camera lens to a resolution of 400ppi, while replacing traditional display wiring with a new transparent material that allows more light per behind.

Oppo has introduced a new, advanced way to create high-quality displays that will be more efficient and adaptable for the future. Oppo’s “1:2” display technology will allow screen brightness to be adjusted by controlling each pixel separately, which helps to read in low light or navigate GPS maps on smartphones without covering up important information.


This latest innovation comes from the development of better algorithms so that just one circuit only drives one pixel

Oppo’s US Research Institute has been working on AI imaging algorithms to ensure that diffraction is reduced. Blurry images and image glare have been the main concern, but Oppo claims to have trained his model using tens of thousands of images to prevent problems like these from happening.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know when Oppo will bring this technology to the user, unlike some of the competitors. ZTE has already released its second generation phone, and we hope Xiaomi and Samsung will follow up next week with the launch of Mi Mix 4 and Galaxy Z Fold3.

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