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Opera has become the first alternative browser optimized for Chromebooks

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has become Opera Browser is the world’s first optimized alternative browser for Chromebooks. The Opera browser brings many features that were not previously available on the Chrome OS platform, including a free, unlimited, no-logs VPN browser, built-in messengers, ad blocking, cookie blocker, and color themes.

With 30 million Chromebooks sold in 2020 and an additional 40 million devices expected to be shipped in 2021, Chrome OS has become an important operating system many choose for work and education.

Chromebook shipments grew 276 percent in the first quarter of 2021, reaching a record 12 million units in the first three months.

Even with its growing popularity, Chromebooks have so far lacked a full-featured alternative browser to Google Chrome that is optimized for these specific devices.

According to a study by Opera, people tend to use more than one browser and want different browsers for different purposes.

And Opera became the first alternative browser optimized for Chromebook to give them that choice. Chromebooks have an intuitive interface and touch screens that are ideal for people’s everyday needs.

Opera features are now available on Chrome OS

The Chrome OS browser comes with a bunch of functionalities. Including built-in messengers, free and unlimited built-in VPN. Plus ad blocking, cookie protection, and a built-in encryption wallet.

Opera also makes browsing the web on Chromebooks more vibrant with a set of five color themes available in both light and dark modes.

The special night mode available in the browser protects Chromebook users from blue light glare. It also relieves those around them from annoying light.

laptop experience

To make browsing through your Chromebook as easy and fast as possible, Opera for Chromebook is based on the Opera browser for Android with custom improvements that deliver the full laptop experience while preserving all its features.

Users can continue to use the mouse and keyboard, as well as keyboard shortcuts.

Opera for Chromebook can also sync seamlessly with the company’s other browsers. Whether via desktop computers or via Android or iOS phones.

Synchronization with Flow can be done by scanning a QR code.

This creates an end-to-end encrypted personal conversation with yourself. It allows you to take notes, store images and small files, as well as save links for later reference across any of your devices.

Built-in Messaging Apps

The browser gives you instant access to your favorite messengers. And as the only browser that provides this functionality across Chromebooks. It allows you to chat or check WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook Messenger. And that’s without having to interrupt your browsing or accessing your phone.

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