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Online platforms continue to gain popularity in the pandemic

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The world has undergone major changes since 2020 and accelerated some processes that were already a trend, due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic by the new coronavirus, as well as by the application of technologies. The technology market is changing all sectors, from industry and commerce.

The digital revolution is happening, bringing with it several job opportunities in the country, opportunities are on the rise in the fintech market and in the area of ​​information technology.

The digital world was the least negatively affected with successive restrictions and confinements due to COVID-19. Streaming services and e-commerce registered historical increase levels. According to data from PwD’s Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2020-2024, streaming platforms have surpassed movie box office revenue figures with strong growth prospects over the 5-year period.


The social isolation imposed by the World Health Organization (WHO), due to COVID-19, changed the way people started to relate to technology and the internet. Social distancing and isolation at home became a way of protecting yourself and other people as well.

The former view of the internet was to generate social isolation if used for very long periods, in current times in which we are facing a pandemic, the internet has become a great ally so that people could go through this period of restrictions, in which it was necessary to reinvent to follow studies and work and to seek new forms of entertainment and keep active, becoming the window of the world. The entire entertainment industry has become increasingly remote and virtual and streamed on demand.

sports betting

In general, bookmakers are specialized in only one sport, championships or major leagues are becoming more and more popular among their bettors.

Football remains in the lead, being the most popular sport and sought after in online bookmakers, championships are events where a greater volume of bets is collected. Even with the postponement and stoppage of these events, the search for this modality was still great.

Following football, Basketball, Ice Hockey and Tennis are the most sought after, raising a considerable number in betting, accounting for 22% of total sports betting.


The NBA is the league that receives the most bets, followed by tennis tournaments, ATPCup, Australian Open and WTA International Lion.

Other sports such as Horse and Dog Racing, Baseball, Swimming, Cycling, Rugby, American Football also have their audience and their leagues and championships are becoming more and more known.

Casinos and online sportsbook keep growing

Bookmakers and best online casinos, has been consolidating over the years and becoming popular, especially in this period of isolation and social distance caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, where habits, routine and lifestyle underwent sudden changes in which it was necessary to make quick adaptations.

Surveys carried out by the Gaming Regulation and Inspection Service (SRIJ) show that in the first quarter of 2020 the country had a record volume of betting and gross revenues generated by sports betting and gambling.

Since betting platforms made their services available, in order to facilitate access to events and the market that were previously little publicized, the adhesion of new consumers, the service has grown significantly, benefiting from the resumption of championships and leagues to the around the world. Thus, people’s behavior was influenced to boost the use of technologies, as well as the use of online gambling and betting

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