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OnePlus registers great growth in Europe

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Despite all the criticism that OnePlus is receiving for its update policy, its latest phones and OnePlus Watch, the company appears to be in a great condition.

You just reported one of the strongest quarters of all time in Europe, with a 388% growth in sales and 286% in revenue compared to the first quarter of 2020, with the UK in the top three of the best performing markets .

These numbers are powered mainly by the company’s latest flagship phones, the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro, with them contributing 65% of the total growth.

Although these numbers are exceptional, the OnePlus has been growing for a long time – what we see today is just a continuation of the trend.

OnePlus phones seem to sell especially well in northern Europe, with the brand among the top three smartphone makers in Finland and Denmark.

OnePlus registers great growth in Europe

Update policy

But the manufacturer also performs very well in other parts of the world. The Indian Express reports that the company’s sales grew more than 300% in India.

The financial success of OnePlus also comes with the alienation of its first fans.

The company launched much more personalized looks with its version of Android 11 under the OxygenOS brand, and OnePlus has long since started to “slip” when it comes to supporting its older phones.

OnePlus registers great growth in Europe

This can be a focus of future problems for the company. The fact is, these things that ordinary people don’t care about as much as advanced users.

But for now, customers are totally satisfied with the excellent specifications, great price and beautiful design of the brand’s devices. What is undoubtedly that it is very worthwhile to buy one of these handsets.

However, these changes do not appear to do much harm to the company. The distinctive design of the software can actually be a selling point for anyone who is comparing phones in stores.


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