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OnePlus Pad: manufacturer can bet on a new market segment

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OnePlus has quickly become one of the most interesting Android makers, moving from being just a flagship killer maker to a constant in its global presence, from entry-level smartphones to high-end smartphones and, this year, it even launched into smartphones. And it looks like it doesn’t want to stop.

That’s because OnePlus has registered a trademark with the European Union’s Intellectual Property Office for the “OnePlus Pad”, which apparently points to the arrival of a tablet. OnePlus has never released a tablet before, so this would be a new step for the brand.

The list, as first reported by the MySmartPrice, unfortunately gives nothing more than the name. Trademark registrations sometimes have pictures, diagrams or other small details to suggest potential features or capabilities, but not in this case; it is just a trademark registration for the OnePlus Pad name, rather than a specific device. As a result, it is likely that any device is still some way off – if ever it is ever made, as brands are sometimes registered to prevent abuse.

OnePlus Pad manufacturer can bet on a new market segment

Still, the name seems well defined. All OnePlus smartphones so far have been provided with Android, with the clean and smooth interface of the OxygenOS brand, and taking into account that the brand has shown that it intends to launch itself in new market segments, with the launch of a OnePlus Watch, no wonder the same happens on tablets.

While there are many of them on the market, even the best Android tablets have never garnered the same kind of attention as Apple’s iPad models, and clearly leaders in this market.

Amazon’s super affordable Fire tablets are ideal for consuming simple content, however Samsung manufactures a variety of tablets in various price ranges. Both manufacturers have their tablets in the lists of the best tablets, but there is no doubt that it is Apple that ranks best in this segment.

A possible OnePlus tablet could be an intriguing new option, however, given the company’s reputation for quality in the smartphone space. A sleek, premium Android tablet with smooth software and a competitive price can be a revolutionary device indeed. The only major flaw of the brand’s smartphones has been the cameras, which this year have been improved by partnering with Hasselblad in OnePlus 9, but the tablets are not important.

Realme, a brand owned by BKK, which owns Oppo and OnePlus, has also launched a tablet, and Vivo has also registered a Vivo Pad.

It remains to be seen whether a OnePlus Pad will eventually see the light of day – the fact that the OnePlus registered the name is not in itself proof that it will actually make such a device – but if it does, and if it follows the same kind of quality of the OnePlus 9 line may be a device to take into account.

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