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OnePlus guarantees three years of high-end upgrades

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It was last June that OnePlus, during the announcement about the merger with Oppo, made a commitment to provide updates to its equipment in a more stable and faster way. Now, the company has come again to announce another commitment about software.

All current OnePlus high-ends will receive three major Android updates plus four years of security updates from the time of their release.

As for mid-range devices like the OnePlus Nord or Nord CE 5G, they will receive two Android updates and three years of security updates via small patches. This will also apply to future Nord devices, meaning that the OnePlus Nord 2 will enjoy the same benefits.

OnePlus guarantees three years of high end upgrades

We currently know that OnePlus’s cheapest range, the N series, is limited to just one major Android update, but in terms of security updates these will remain for three years. This policy also applies to the Nord N200 5G as well as the Nord N100 and Nord N10 5G.

In short, we have: the high end (OnePlus 8 series and newer) with three major Android updates and four years of security updates. The OnePlus Nord series, where we will have two years of Android updates and three years for the remaining updates. In the Nord N range, one year of Android update and three of patches of security.

Regarding the OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7 series, as well as the older devices, they will continue with the update schedule previously defined with two Android updates and three years of security updates.

According to the manufacturer, in order to make these commitments possible, the brand had to share some resources with Oppo. The plan is to integrate the source code of OxygenOS and ColorOS. OnePlus also claims that such changes will not be noticed by users as all this integration will take place in the background.

Source: PhoneArena

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