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OnePlus announces merger at Oppo, but maintains independence

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In January of this year, OnePlus had already announced the merger of its research and development (R&D) area with that of OPPO. While both companies planned to merge their R&D team, OnePlus clarified that their software would not be touched. In a new twist, OnePlus announced the full integration of its smartphone brand with OPPO. The company will now function as a brand under OPPO, but it still retains its independence.

In a press release and to fans posted on his forum, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau revealed that the change opens up more resources for the company that could be deployed to create better products. He also stated that the integration would make OnePlus more efficient in aspects such as faster and more stable software updates for OnePlus users.

Recall that in August 2020, Pete Lau, the founder and CEO of OnePlus, returned to OPPO as the company’s senior vice president and head of product strategy. But even before now, it was common to note that OnePlus’s flagship models were sometimes renamed OPPO models in specific markets.

OnePlus announces merger at Oppo but maintains independence

OnePlus CEO further stated that the brand will continue to operate independently, maintaining its focus on providing its fans with the best possible products and experience. The company will continue to launch OnePlus products and will also hold separate launch events.

The OnePlus community will also be maintained for closer feedback across all channels. However, we can continue to see models launched under the OPPO brand in some markets and later under the Oneplus brand in other markets.

This announcement made the brand’s fans fear that, in this way, OxygenOS would also end up being absorbed by Oppo’s ColorOS, but Pete Lau reaffirmed that the company will maintain its own optimization of Android on its equipment.

What will certainly be better for the company is that, with this merger with Oppo, it will allow an increase in the presence of OnePlus smartphones physically in more countries. For example, in Portugal, as you’ve certainly noticed, Oppo has increased its investment and will be able to see advertising for its own brand in Portugal.

With this increase in investment, there was also a reinforcement of the company’s infrastructure in Portugal, which, with this announced merger, it is possible that we will have, for example, OnePlus smartphones for sale in physical stores in Portugal, or even in operators . We’ll see what can come of this ad.

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