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OnePlus accused of limiting OnePlus 9 Pro’s performance and there are already consequences

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While the camera and display haven’t always been OnePlus’ best bets, performance is an area where OnePlus phones have historically been very good.

So it came as a surprise to learn that the company’s newest flagship, the OnePlus 9 Pro, isn’t delivering the best performance we’ve come to expect from OnePlus phones. On the contrary, the OnePlus 9 Pro appears to be performing worse on several popular applications than other devices with Qualcomm’s top processor, the Snapdragon 888.

When running the performance tests on OnePlus 9 Pro, Andrei Frumusanu from AnandTech observed quite strange behavior. By passing the device through benchmarks in a browser, such as Speedometer 2.0 and JetStream 2.0, the OnePlus 9 Pro recorded surprisingly low scores, on par with budget devices released some time ago.

OnePlus accused of limiting OnePlus 9 Pros performance and there

According to the website, OnePlus 9 Pro appears to be disabling the Cortex-X1 core when running these tests. The site further noted that the phone is also limiting the Cortex-A78 cores, and in subsequent benchmark runs, the workload is being completely isolated to the Cortex-A55 cores, resulting in incredibly low scores.

After researching a bit, AnandTech discovered a OnePlus Performance Service that tracks when the user opens applications and decides whether or not to make changes to the CPU management. Many OEMs develop a similar type of service and operating system framework to control device performance, so it’s not strange at first. What’s weird here is that OnePlus has several popular blacklisted applications.

AnandTech couldn’t find the exact list of apps affected by OnePlus’s performance throttling mechanism, but it tested several popular apps like Chrome, Twitter, Zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Discord, Microsoft Office apps, Firefox, Samsung Internet, etc., which are affected. Surprisingly, even OnePlus’s own applications are affected. This limitation is not verified in popular games like Genshin Impact, or in applications that test performance.

There are already consequences

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Well, there is no great doubt that this does not support OnePlus, which recently joined Oppo and even the operating system will merge with ColorOS. Is that limiting the performance on a smartphone could make sense for the autonomy of smartphones to be extended, as Apple did and ended up having to add an option that allowed consumers to choose. However, this is not well regarded by users and there are already consequences.

Is that one of the situations that are not limitations is running performance tests, which reminds us of the times when brands created “backdoors” so that when the equipment was running performance tests, they use as much power as possible. , which fortunately caused most of these tests to remove some equipment from their lists and forced manufacturers to update equipment to remove this limitation.

Well, that’s exactly what Geekbench has done, one of the main performance tests on Android, which has already announced via Twitter that it considers what was discovered a way to manipulate the performance tests, and that’s why it removed the new smartphones from OnePlus of your lists.

According to herself, they are also already investigating whether the same happens with the normal version of OnePlus 9, so that the same happens with the equipment.

For now, OnePlus hasn’t commented on the matter yet, but that’s expected to happen in the next few days.

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