One Vision XT1970-1 Android 11 R Rom Brazil RSAS31.Q1-48-36-15

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One Vision XT1970 1 DS Android 11 R Rom Brazil RSA31Q1 48 36 11 Download Stock Rom / Firmware for Lenovo / Motorola One Vision

Model / Model XT1970-1 DS – Dual SIM
codename KANE
Region / Region / Channel Brazil / Brazil RETBR
Region Code PAFD0001BR
Language / Language Multi language
Android Version 11 R
build id RSAS31.Q1-48-36-15
Operator / Operator / Carrier Clean, Retail Brazil (no logo, operator apps)
Size / Size 2.1 GB


Tutorial to generate fastboot commands and install stock rom / firmware on
Motorola One Vision XT1970-1 < >>

Additional Information

SW Version: kane-user 11 RSAS31.Q1-48-36-15 1b03e release-keys
Build ID: RSAS31.Q1-48-36-15
SW Display Build ID: RSAS31.Q1-48-36-15
MBM Version: MBM-2.2-kane_retail-a38dd6e2345-211020
Modem Version: S337AP_KANE_SGCS_QB4373313

Subsidy Lock Config: slcf_samsung_default_v1.0.atc
Regulatory Info (eLabel): regulatory_info_default.png
eLabel SHA1: da39a3ee5e6b4b0d3255bfef95601890afd80709
Build Fingerprint: motorola/kane/kane_sprout:11/RSAS31.Q1-48-36-15/1b03e:user/release-keys

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