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On WhatsApp it will be possible to hide online activity from certain contacts

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The WhatsApp platform is about to launch new features that will allow you to modify the privacy settings in order to satisfy users who wish to hide their online activity from certain contacts.

The new function will allow, for the first time, to omit the last online activity only to specific users, choosing between four options: share the last online time with everyone, only with contacts, with no one or “with all my contacts except… ”.

Once this feature is available, all users will be able to choose between allowing all contacts to see their online activity and, at the same time, defining exceptions for specific contacts selected by the user at certain times.

This possibility of restricting information to just a few contacts will also apply to the display of the profile photo and the user’s biography. The aim is to allow more options for users to protect their privacy and be able to act according to the mood of the moment.

The information was advanced by the website WABetaInfo who reported that the feature appeared in a beta version for iOS and that WhatsApp has not officially announced a date for the final release.

Another novelty that is being tested by developers is the search for this service. WhatsApp wants to be able to further expand the detail fields that can be used to search for messages and content, such as searching for message dates. Users will have a list with the day, month and year, so they can indicate the date they want to search for their message content.

The WhatsApp application claims that in the near future it will boost multi-device mode and also sending money. Testing is expected to continue in the coming weeks.

Source: WABetaInfo

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