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Nvidia directly challenges Intel via the Grace chip

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Plans Nvidia to make the server chip called Grace, which is based on British Arm technology.

That puts it in direct competition with rival Intel, and adds a layer of complexity to the antitrust review of Nvidia’s $ 40 billion deal to buy the Arm.

Intel is the world’s largest maker of central processors for data center servers, but has seen increased competition from chips based on Arm technology.

And with the Grace server processor, Nvidia becomes the largest chip company to date to challenge Intel in its primary market.

Arm technology runs chips in most smartphones, and for the past several years has been making its way into data centers.

Nvidia’s entry into the market could accelerate Arm’s break-in into data centers.

NVIDIA chips are traditionally used as accelerators in conjunction with current Intel or AMD processors, which reduces some computing work from the processors and speeds up the overall computing system.

By making its own CPU, Nvidia is directly competing with Intel and AMD for the first time.

And theDescribe Nvidia CEO The new server chip is the last piece of the puzzle that joins NVIDIA’s graphics and networking chips to form the building block of a modern data center.

The company said the Grace server processor, released in 2023, is designed to handle tasks such as training artificial intelligence algorithms.

Known for its graphics chips that improve video game playback, Nvidia has focused heavily on AI computing in recent years, helping its market cap overtake Intel to become the largest US semiconductor company.

Nvidia also said: The Swiss National Center for Supercomputing is planning to build a new supercomputer called the Alps, using the new Grace processor, made by Hewlett-Packard.

NVIDIA acceleration chips continue to support Intel and AMD processors even while they are in the same market.

The company focuses on making accelerator chips with processors Arm for one year, and then next year’s Intel and AMD chipsets.

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