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NVIDIA Canvas app turns doodles into photos using AI

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NVIDIA has released a new app that can be used to produce realistic landscape images – even if the user has no artistic skills and is surpassed even by a first-year student in the field of drawing.

The new app is called Canvas and can transform children’s doodles and sketches into photo-realistic images of real-time landscapes. The app is already available for download as a beta version, free of charge, although the user can only use it if their equipment is equipped with an NVIDIA RTX GPU.

Canvas is powered by the GauGAN AI paint tool, which NVIDIA Research developed and trained using 5 million images. When the company introduced GauGAN to the world, NVIDIA VP Bryan Catanzaro described its technology as a “smart brush”.

NVIDIA Canvas app turns doodles into photos using AI

This will give you a way to paint using materials instead of colors, after all, allowing the user to see the final product right away. You can simply draw lines and shapes on the virtual screen, and the app will automatically transform each brush stroke into the material you want, such as grass, rocks and clouds. The beta version of the app has 15 materials you can play with.

GauGAN AI will make the final product as realistic as possible. When drawing a pool of water, for example, nearby rocks and trees will be reflected in the water. There’s even the possibility of replacing entire material segments – that is, you can change a field from grass to snow – to alter the entire photo or quickly generate images of the same landscape during different seasons.

And if you want to imitate the style of a particular painter, there are nine filter styles available to use. The user can save his work as a PSD file and open it in Adobe Photoshop for further editing, if he prefers and finds it necessary.

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