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Norway imposes a fine on Tesla to reduce battery capacity

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Condemned A court in Norway, Tesla, after car owners filed a lawsuit in December 2020 to complain about low battery capacity and charging speeds after a software update.

The court has ordered the company to pay 136,000 crowns ($ 16,000) to specific buyers of the Model S cars, a ruling that could run into hundreds of millions of dollars.

The fine may be more important as other similar legal efforts are on their way to other countries.

Owners in Norway and elsewhere complained of range drops of up to 30 miles after a software update released in 2019.

And Model S and Model X vehicles that only had an 85 kW battery pack, which was discontinued in 2016, appeared to have been affected at that point.

For most owners, the range drop occurred after updating to 2019.16.1 and 2019.16.2 software updates.

They also notice lower DC fast charging rates at the company’s fast charging stations, with affected owners seeing much slower charging sessions.

Reportedly, the problems are related to models issued between 2013 and 2015.

Tesla said at the time: The goal is to protect the battery and improve battery life, and the problem affects only a small percentage of owners.

This created a lot of confusion among the owners affected by the update who wanted more details about the sudden need to protect the battery pack.

This caused a series of lawsuits in various markets for Tesla to compensate the affected owners.

Some owners have experienced a sharp drop in battery capacity of up to 11 percent, compared to the expected natural gradual drop.

These cases led to lawsuits in Norway, Denmark, the United States and elsewhere, with 75 Danes filing a lawsuit against the company.

Tesla reportedly failed to respond to the lawsuit, so the judgment was issued in absentia. As a result, 30 registered owners under the lawsuit are awarded $ 16,000 each unless Tesla appeals.

The electric vehicle market is huge in Norway, and there are over 10,000 buyers of the affected models in Norway, and as such, the lawsuit could become much more expensive.

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