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No ideas for a confined Valentine? How about a Windows 10 all right?

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Investing in original software and with the certainty of having your computer running smoothly or unpleasant surprises is one of the best options at any time of the year. However, with confinement after confinement and restrictions renewed every fortnight, it is best not to miss this opportunity to surprise your better half with one of the few gifts of guaranteed satisfaction that you can purchase and offer on this date. Here is the list with some examples and do not forget the discount coupon “LOGIA20”:

In addition to the pertinence of the date on the calendar, this is also a good time for any of these purchases, given the promotions that G2DEAL offers at this time in the purchase of product keys to activate Windows 10 (Home and Professional versions).

Office 2016 and 2019 options (much sought after with the increase in telecommuting) are also significant price reductions this Valentine’s Day – using the VG20 code, they still add another 20% discount on the promotional price, making this campaign even more competitive.

No ideas for a confined Valentine How about a Windows

Can I trust?

G2DEAL was born in 2017 and presents a diversified offer regarding the sale of keys for genuine software. There are also games and anti-virus for all tastes.

Payment can be made via Paypal (always the safest option), Alipay, Mint or by the classic ATM / Visa and the buyer receives the purchased keys directly in the email without any other time-consuming processes or complicated. In the case of companies, it is possible to request an invoice with a tax number.

Remember that resorting to malicious tools such as cracks, for example, this does come loaded with security threats, since you can never reach a real responsible person behind these “tricks”.

It should be remembered that in one of the most recent updates, Windows 10 presented, especially for consumers in the business market, an even greater focus on security and productivity that deserves to be valued and used in the best way.

Here, there is even a customer support chatbot, always available to make a first screening of doubts, and an email that promises a prompt answer.

How do I buy?

Many of the computers we buy today even have Windows 10 installed, but not all, and if, by any chance, you even decided to build your own computer or were forced to format it, you will certainly need to install and activate Windows 10.

If you have already activated your Windows 10 license by linking it to your Microsoft account, activation on the same device can be done easily with the digital license.

Follow the steps below to activate Windows 10, either by using your product key or entering your digital license.

Steps to activate Windows 10 with a product key:

Step 1 – For Windows 10 installation, enter your product license key.

Step 2 – Search for the Windows key, go to Settings> Update and security> Activation.

Step 3 – Choose “Change product”.

Step 4 – Insert your product key in the pop-up box and press “Next”.

Step 5 – Choose “Enable”.

Steps to activate Windows 10 with a digital license:

Step 1 – When starting the activation, select the option “I don’t have a product key”.

Step 2 – Set up and log in to Windows 10 with your linked Microsoft account. Windows 10 will be activated automatically at this point. If you have made any hardware changes, follow these steps:

Step 3 – Press the Windows key and go to Settings> Update and security> Activation.

Step 4 – If Windows is not activated, search and choose “Troubleshoot”.

Step 5 – Select “Activate Windows” in the new window and then “Activate”. Or select “I changed hardware on this device recently”, if applicable.

Step 6 – If you receive login requests, follow them using the Microsoft account linked to your digital license.

Step 7 – Select the device you are using and check “This is the device I am using now” next to the option.

Step 8 – Press “Activate”.

Your digital license must be ready and your copy of Windows 10 will be activated.

It is important to point out that it is first necessary to download and install the software for your computer through the official Microsoft website and only after that you can activate it with the license keys you will receive from G2DEAL.

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