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Nissan wants to maintain Z-line production

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The Z line is one of the biggest icons of the Japanese car industry and is synonymous with the former Datsun. The legendary 240Z was manufactured by Nissan and marketed under the Datsun badge, and was a pioneer in introducing both brands into the European and North American markets.

The Nissan Z is the latest model of the lineage, with an atmospheric V6 engine, a 6-speed manual gearbox and a look full of Z-line DNA. Its launch is scheduled for 2022. future of this lineage and about its possible demise.

Already in an interview during the presentation of the new car, Ashwani Gupta, Chief Operating Officer from Nissan, was exposed to this question and offered a fairly simple answer. Gupta stated that the Japanese brand will definitely continue with the line as long as there is demand.


It’s true that this response is a relief for the brand’s fans, but it was also something to be expected, mainly due to the huge success of the Z line. However, it was still noticed that the Nissan Z is a complex car and part of the culture of the Japanese company, so it is obvious that the production of a new generation will only happen if there are customers interested in acquiring it. Another very important factor in the continuation of the lineage is the almost inevitable electrification and adaptation to it, and the brand only entered this sector of the market much more recently compared to other Japanese brands.

It is also worth noting that Nissan has been reorganizing itself after the financial scandal that took place in 2019 and involved French businessman Carlos Ghosn. That said, the Japanese company has been slowly coming out of a bad situation and is already planning the implementation of a new commercial strategy involving its commercial partners.

Source: MotorTrend

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