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Nintendo Switch Online with over 100 classic games

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It may be soon that Nintendo will add five more classic games to the Switch Online, thus bringing to 104 the total number of game options available to play through the subscription service.

The gaming giant was in the habit of adding NES games to Switch Online on a monthly basis. This has happened since its launch in 2018, and also during the following year. Shortly after making several SNES games available for members to choose from, Nintendo announced that it will no longer release classic titles every month. Although the company has not maintained a regular schedule for game uploads since then, it has still made updates frequently enough to expand the platform’s library.

Additional SNES and NES games will arrive on Switch Online on May 26. These games are not enough to compare with the well-known and highly regarded Super Mario or Donkey Kong games, but at least they are new options for moments of some nostalgia. The four new SNES games include Caveman Ninja, an action game that consists of fighting against village-destroying Neanderthals, but also a puzzle game similar to Candy Cruch, called Magical Drop 2.

Nintendo Switch Online with over 100 classic games

There is also Super Baseball Simulator 1,000 and Spanky’s Quest, another action game in which the user will have to find his way out of a tower after being arrested by a witch. Meanwhile, the only edition of the NES, Ninja JaJaMaru-Kun, will make the player assume the role of a ninja who needs to rescue a princess.

In addition to providing access to a collection of classics, Switch Online also allows you to play games compatible with friends online, such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Recently, Nintendo also released Pac-man 99 for Switch, a real battle game that will give the user the opportunity to fight 98 other players.

Source: Engadget

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