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Nintendo Switch lets you use Bluetooth headphones

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Last night Nintendo announced a surprise: the Switch console will now have Bluetooth audio, meaning all users will be able to use wireless headphones. On their Twitter they posted the following message: “The latest update of #NintendoSwitch is now available”, “including the ability to pair Bluetooth devices”

The possibility of using Bluetooth headphones to listen to the game’s audio is a tool that was not available when the console was launched in 2017. Until now, what users could do to try to address this gap was to buy their own adapter and connect it directly on the 3.5mm output.

The new feature comes with some limitations, since in case of connection via Bluetooth, only two wireless controllers can be used, as well as only one set of headphones connected to the Switch.


To make use of this functionality, firmware version 13.0.0 must be installed, just go to the settings and choose the “update” option. Then, to be able to make the connection, it is only necessary to select the “Bluetooth Audio” option, and the console to the headphones is paired.

The Nintendo Switch will also make it possible to connect to the Internet in standby mode from a LAN port or an adapter.

Nintendo has announced that it will release a new Switch OLED version next month. On Wednesday, Nintendo of America confirmed that the OLED switch – that previously not supported with Bluetooth audio – will now support the feature at launch.

As to why the company finally decided to add the feature more than four years after the console’s release, the company was unclear. “We have chosen to add Bluetooth compatibility as it will be a useful feature for those who carry their Nintendo Switch systems in their everyday lives,” said a spokesperson.

Source: CNET

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