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Nickelodeon announces its first smartwatch: NickWatch

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THE ViacomCBS just revealed the first NickWatch smart connected from Nickelodeon at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

This new family-centric wearable device delivers premium entertainment and communication capabilities along with innovative technology developed in partnership with VCNI’s expert technology partner, the watchinu. This gadget will be available for purchase in 2022.

O NickWatch it offers children greater independence, as well as a robust selection of entertainment content fueled by Nickelodeon’s most beloved characters. The underlying technology platform will provide a direct line of communication with family and friends, promoting physical activity and helping children confidently explore the world. Each device will feature a smartwatch body, two bracelets (one inspired by Nickelodeon and one with a more premium look aimed at adults) and a fun, character-driven charging cradle.

Nickelodeon announces its first smartwatch NickWatch

O Nickelodeon smartwatch is designed to enhance healthy communication by bringing families together, while fostering a sense of independence and helping children enjoy the world around them, knowing that their families and caregivers are just a touch away.

“ViacomCBS is recognized for its portfolio of iconic brands that have been shaping current events and pop culture for decades. Looking to the future, we now introduce NickWatch, which marks a milestone as it is the first connected smartwatch to harness the power of our consumer brands. The launch of this strategic product will leverage our IP and our content to further strengthen our position as a leading business partner with multiple consumer touchpoints, creating an immersive new experience.”, says Raffaele Annecchino, President and Chief Executive Officer of ViacomCBS Networks International.

The power of play: entertainment to inspire imagination

This product will encourage children to have a healthier lifestyle, promoting playful physical and social activities with enough story to inspire their imagination. This way, children can play alone or with other friends who have a NickWatch so that they can leave together on the same mission.

Entertainment based on the iconic Nickelodeon IP will include fun and funny photo filters, motion sound effects and musical instruments that play according to your hand movements. Over time, regular content updates will be continually added, such as new games, stickers, sound effects and more.

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Communication to keep kids and parents connected

The platform will allow two main modes of communication: messaging and voice calls. The parent or guardian can send a text message to the child via their mobile phone and children can reply with pre-written messages, emojis or photos, and they can also call their parents/contacts and can receive calls from contacts pre-selected. Parents can create group topics and also send messages, timers, reminders, photos, voice messages and even create polls.

In this way, children and parents can get even closer through a map feature that will allow their family members to keep track of the current location of all elements via GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile telecommunication towers. To do this, just download the appropriate application.

O NickWatch Nickelodeon was developed in partnership with watchinu, an Israeli technology start-up, which produced and will operate the device under a license agreement with VCNI. Prices, retail and distribution partners, as well as market availability will be announced later by VCNI.

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