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New TikTok anti-bullying tool lets you eliminate comments en masse

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After recently introducing comment filtering mechanisms, TikTok is now adding more features to mitigate bullying as well as harassment on its platform.

As of yesterday, May 20, in some selected markets, the company will allow creators the possibility to delete comments and block accounts in large quantities. For now, it is known that there is a possibility to block up to a hundred accounts from one settlement.

“To manage interactions in a video, people can either hold down a comment or touch the pencil icon in the upper left corner to open an options window. From there, users can select up to 100 comments or accounts, instead of making them one by one, thus making it easier to delete or report multiple comments, or even block users en masse, ”wrote the TikTok platform.

New TikTok anti bullying tool lets you eliminate comments en masse

This is the most recent change with respect to TikTOk’s efforts to combat bullying, after some reports surfaced denouncing that this phenomenon was becoming a widespread problem among teenagers on the platform.

In addition to allowing users to approve comments before posting them, TikTok aired appeals – in a pedagogical sense – with the aim of dissuading users from issuing unkind comments. The platform also introduced restrictions on DM’s, comments, among other things, aimed at users aged 13-17 years old, accompanied by a bullying prevention guide.

Other sites like Instagram and Twitter have also implemented comment filtering mechanisms and other anti-bullying tools. All these measures are being adopted in a context in which the testimonies of cases of cyberbullying among adolescents have registered a significant increase. However, it is believed that the Covid-19 pandemic contributed to this increase as it made adolescents spend more time on the Internet due to confinement measures.

Source: Engadget

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