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New technologies that are innovating the online experience

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For a long time now, the digitization of casinos has been a reality in the lives of those passionate about gambling, what many of us don’t know is that these companies seek to offer the most advanced technologies on their pages, whether to improve the experience of their customers, to improve data security and also to ensure that games are as transparent and trustworthy as possible.

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Casinos in real life have a very distinctive feature, the extremely luxurious environment. And just like land-based casinos, online casinos have been committed to complete customer satisfaction from the moment they enter the app until the moment they stop using it.

Much more than online board gamesonline board games, casinos started to use the so-called concierge applications that are 100% focused on the customer experience, allowing you to practically have a virtual best friend that will help you during your visit.


These apps allow and guide you beyond the game, helping you make dinner reservations, online casino tours, participate in casino hotel stay raffles and many other features.

It’s no wonder that several of the industry’s most famous casinos have invested a significant chunk of their profits in developing their own concierge apps, which should be a trend for years to come.

And looking to the future, some land-based casinos are already following the trend that was born in their online version to implement in their applications the options of turning on and off the lights in their rooms, opening and closing curtains, keeping the bath water warm and many others, always seeking to organically blend the customer’s online and live experience in the way they know how to do best, with luxury and state-of-the-art technology.

Kings of reality, safety and innovation

We have arrived at a technological moment in the casino segment that if we are not talking about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, we would not be talking about technology.

It may even seem like science fiction, but online casinos already have technologies that mix super advanced graphics, with the ability to interact with real life, including superimposing virtual images with images of the place where you are.

For this they use wearables that are nothing more than widgets like glasses, clocks and motion sensors to make the room their home and their cell phone in the most luxurious casino that Las Vegas could offer.

But the segment is not only a champion in terms of realism, the user experience is also related to how secure the page is and how much the customer trusts that their data will be protected. For this, the investment in security and technologies such as facial recognition for bettors is also increasing.

Having your customers identified allows you to guarantee their security, prevent crimes and frauds, but it also allows them to further customize their experiences, which is why the investment in this aspect has increased a lot in recent years.

Without a doubt, online casinos are increasingly investing in technology and if we generally see each type of technology implemented in certain segments, what happens in the case of casinos is that they use several and the latest technologies, they are really seeking the crown in terms of technological innovation .

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