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New PlayStation VR 2 details come online after company conference

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Very recently, new information has been released on the internet about Sony’s virtual reality hardware for the PlayStation 5 that came online after a company conference.

The information came after a private conference, as mentioned above, held by Sony on Tuesday for developers and investors of the new PlayStation VR 2, unofficial name of the product.

The new PlayStation VR were announced last year and their controls have already been officially unveiled by Sony, distancing themselves a lot from the current PlayStation VR controls, and now it remains to reveal the new glasses and their features.


According to them, Sony’s next VR platform is code-named NGVR, for Next-Generation VR and the glasses will likely be known as PSVR2 when they are announced but so far this is still speculation.

As previously reported, the PSVR2’s screen will have a resolution of 2,000 x 2040 per eye, which is a solid small elevation above the world’s most popular virtual reality glasses, the Oculus Quest 2. Furthermore, PSVR Without Parole suggests that the display will utilize an OLED panel and will support a high dynamic range (HDR), potentially giving it much more vibrancy, deeper blacks and a higher brightness than the more typical Quest 2 non-HDR LCD screen.


Sony’s new kit will supposedly feature a 110-degree field of view, 10 degrees above Sony’s original PlayStation VR, which will give it a mask-diving feel. This broad FoV will be accomplished in part by fresnel lenses, which come with pros and cons that Quest users already know.

Despite this, the biggest news is that the PlayStation VR 2 will feature eye-tracking capability, which will make possible a much-desired performance-enhancing technique called foveat rendering. The video suggests that the new glasses will also feature another new technology called Flexible Scaling Resolution (FSR) that “concentrates rendering capabilities in the player’s focus area” to further reduce the processing load on PlayStation 5 hardware.


Another information, in this case already known, is that the controls of the new PlayStation VR 2 will have the same feedback as DualSense so that the experience is more realistic and immersive, something that already happens on PlayStation 5 and that is much awaited in the new glasses virtual reality camera.

In addition to this, the controls of the glasses will have sensors to track each user’s thumb, as well as the index and middle finger. Now new information that has emerged on the net tells how capacitive touch sensors have an analog quality that allows them to feel the position of the fingers, even when the fingertips hover over them. PlayStation VR 2 will be able to use this data to make guesses about finger positions to allow for more natural gestures in games.


Finally, some of the most interesting rumors launched on the internet are the claim that Sony is trying to move away from so-called Virtual Reality experiments – like pretending a player is Batman for 90 minutes or swimming with whales for 10 minutes – in favor a greater focus on console quality and AAA games.

In addition, Sony is said to think that the best way to achieve this is to create hybrid games that support conventional screens and virtual reality, more or less like Resident Evil 7 or Hitman 3 . Apparently, the intention is to allow the player to play only the version they want to play, standard or VR, saving on the download size of the title.


Finally, it is also known that Sony’s new virtual reality glasses will be compatible with existing virtual reality games released for the first PlayStation VR, something quite good as it would be very annoying if this were not the case.

There is no official release date or price for PlayStation VR 2 yet, but launch details will come in early 2022. If all this information is correct, it’s fair to say that the next generation of PlayStation VR is pretty impressive.

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