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New iPhone will have an ‘always-on’ screen, just like the Apple Watch

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A report by Mark Gurman, from Bloomberg , announces that the iPhone 2021 can have a screen “always-on”, similar to what happens with the Apple Watch. Apple fans have been waiting for this feature to be introduced since the launch of the iPhone X, but year after year, Apple has always delayed its introduction.

Gurman announced that the iPhone will display information such as notifications and times when it is locked. With the screen only partially lit to allow icons to be displayed, users will save a lot of battery compared to the previous version.

It was also advanced that the new device will be equipped with LPTO technology and the ability to achieve a ‘refresh rate’ of 120Hz. The quality of the videos will also be superior when compared to previous versions.

Previously leaker Max Weinbach hinted that the iPhone will try to reduce the space at the top of the screen and integrate an A15 processor.

New iPhone will have an always on screen just like the

It is not expected that the design level of the new iPhone 13 will undergo very drastic changes. It is expected, even so, that the new iPhones 13 will be thicker and heavier so that it can have a better screen and a bigger battery.

Gurman also said Apple will likely announce new MacBook Pros in the fall, “between September and November at the latest.” The computers will begin production in the third quarter, he added.

The battery feature, which now comes to Apple, has been in Android operating systems for some time.

No information has yet been confirmed by Apple, and it is hoped that until the release date no details will be revealed, as happened in previous years.

What to expect from the iPhone 13?

This year, Apple is expected to make several notable improvements to the ‌iPhone 13 câmara camera. The new “Pro” models will likely feature an upgraded Ultra Wide camera lens with a wider f/1.8 aperture, a six-element lens and auto focus, with some rumors suggesting the Ultra Wide upgrade could come for all four models of the iPhone 13.

The sensor’s image stabilization is expected to be expanded across the entire iPhone lineup, introducing improvements in low-light performance and stabilization, with rumors that the feature is available for Pro models’ Wide and Ultra Wide lenses. that new iPhone models will also be able to record videos in portrait mode.

In addition, there are also claims that the ‌iPhone 13‌ models will have astrophotography camera capabilities to capture the sky. This may involve a special mode that activates when the ‌iPhone‌ is pointed at the sky, allowing the device to detect the moon, stars and other artifacts and adjust the exposure to optimize a photo capture under these conditions.

If the rumors are accurate, all of these improvements will likely require a slightly larger camera, although individual lenses may protrude less from the device’s body.

Apple’s ‌iPhone 13‌ lineup will be unveiled in the fall of 2021, with the company planning to return to its traditional September release deadline following last year’s iPhone 12 launch, later than usual due to the Covid pandemic. 19.

Source: The Verge

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