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New information on the Sony Xperia 5 III

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The manufacturer Sony continues despite all the financial problems that have been experiencing for some time, trying to change the course of events in its department of mobile devices. To this end, they have made an enormous effort to re-enter the labor market smartphones when launching new equipment with some frequency.

But this is good news given that the latest Xperia have been very interesting equipment. After the launch of Xperia 1, the series had to undergo a refresh almost completely. The current models are practically at the same level of performance as the top brands of the main brands. Whether these devices manage to sell well, that’s another question.

In any case, Sony has not only dared to abdicate the irritant notch but he also managed to introduce 21: 9 cinematic screens into his equipment. In addition to all this, they have always managed to build Xperia with quality premium and professional software. With the launch of the Xperia 5 model, the Japanese company rekindled the designation of a compact top of the range, and its successor Xperia 5 II also received a positive reception by the community, despite its inflated price.

New information on the Sony Xperia 5 III

The Xperia 5 II was indeed a very good phone without any doubt, but as we know the technology is constantly evolving, and today we are already waiting for the next model in the series. So, here’s what we already know about the future Xperia 5 Mark III.

Regarding the price and according to rumors to circulate, the value will be around 950 dollars. If your predecessor Xperia 5 II was criticized for being too high for a compact top-of-the-range, we can already imagine what the global reaction will be if this value is confirmed.

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As for the presentation date, it is expected to be in September this year. Sony usually unveils its Xperia 5 in September, so there is no other reason why this year is different.

And these are some of the features of Sony’s future flagship:
1. 6.1 ″ Full HD + OLED screen with 21: 9 aspect ratio;
2. Snapdragon 888 eight-core processor;
3. 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage space;
4. capacity for 5G networks;
5. fingerprint reader placed on the side of the equipment;
6. battery with 4000mAh capacity;
7. dust resistance and IP65 / IP68 certification

Source: Phone Arena

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