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New Google Maps updates

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Traveling to any part of the world has never been easier with Google Maps. This application offers detailed maps of more than 220 countries, with the best navigation routes and information on millions of companies and points of interest. As Google Maps is used regularly by users, it is no surprise to find that Google releases updates constantly.

Last week, Google made a new update to Google Maps, especially aimed at the beta version. Now, the tech giant has returned with updates for beta and stable versions. But, again, “forgot” to include a changelog to reveal to us what was added in the last version.

Beta version

The beta version is being updated to version 10.58.1, a small revision of the compilation that was published last week. It is also an indication that it probably includes a small optimization and / or a small correction to a potential error.

New Google Maps updates

Stable version

The stable version (10.57.2) is now available for anyone who wants to download for Android and Android Auto. It received a version increase from the last update published in early December (10.56.2). However, Google only sent a few notes about the launch, without really identifying what was new in the application. Therefore, it is practically impossible to say what’s new!

The programmers left the following note about this patch: “Thank you for using Google Maps! This release features bugfixes that improve our product to help you discover new places and navigate to them”.

Possible changes

For many years, users have been asking Google to allow it to be possible to configure a language in the application, different from the language configured on the mobile phone. This change is (finally) being implemented gradually and there is a strong possibility that Google Maps is being tested for this functionality.

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