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New Fitbit feature could bring up blood glucose levels

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Fitbit may offer in its last great functionality the ability to record our blood glucose levels.

According to the latest official data, approximately 600,000 people live in Portugal with diabetes, so now more than ever it is important to have additional tools to help all those who suffer from this disease to be able to register, and in a way control improve your blood glucose levels.

Like the functionality already introduced previously to control the menstrual cycle, Fitbit says that having a global view of our health where we can have a varied set of information (from the registration of our food, physical exercise, etc.) will only lead us to be more attentive in case a problem arises. Basically, we have our health under control.

New Fitbit feature could bring up blood glucose levels

Thus, it is now possible and automatically to import the existing records in the application OneTouch Reveal from LifeScan, with Fitbit saying it will support other additional devices and their softwares that arise in the future. We can then configure the software to send us a daily reminder to alert you to the recording of your blood glucose levels.

It will also ask the user to set daily limits, so that it is easier to see when we are outside those limits.

The feature is available free of charge to all users, but if you have a subscription Premium with Fitbit, you will have access to additional information including the ability to be able to share our records directly with our healthcare practitioner.

For now, the new functionality will be available from today in the United States of America. For Europe it is believed that it will take a few more weeks, but we hope that everything will be a matter of time before the functionality is also approved by the European community.

Source: Engadget

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