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Netflix may be preparing to enter the gaming world

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The website The Information (Paid Access) reported that “Netflix is ​​looking to hire an executive to oversee the expansion of video games, a sign that it is stepping up its efforts to grow beyond traditional filmed entertainment, according to people familiar with the situation.”

There is no official job list for this role, but the report’s authors claim that several gaming industry executives have been approached about a potential role in the company.

It will not be the first foray into Netflix games, with crossovers found in the video game Stranger Things, or even the number of films choose their own adventure on the platform, such as Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, or even the finale of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

But it looks like Netflix may have even bigger things in the pipeline.

Netflix may be preparing to enter the gaming world

Netflix Against the Current

If the report is true, it shows a slightly different stance from Netflix, which seemed to maintain a respectful distance from game development for the most part, being content to adapt successful game franchises to major series like The Witcher, or titles based on Tomb Raider or even Resident Evil.

CEO Reed Hastings acknowledged the attraction of great games like Fortnite, recognizing that the Battle Royale shooter is a bigger competitor for users’ time than any other great TV streaming service: “We compete with (and lose to) Fornite more than HBO. ”

In 2019, however, Hastings spoke at the Dealbook conference from the New York Times and made it clear that despite the increased interest in game streaming by many key players in the worlds of technology and entertainment (Google Stadia, Project xCloud), Netflix was not planning to take action.

“We are really focused on making amazing series and movies without a script,” said Hastings, ending the idea of ​​Netflix setting up a standalone platform just for streaming games.

We are not sure whether Netflix intends to publish its own games based on existing Netflix or offer a kind of platform for third-party titles.

The report states that “one option the company has discussed is to offer a game package” in a line similar to the Apple Arcade. Apparently, the games will not have publicity, says the report.

Netflix may be preparing to enter the gaming world

Some alerts

One problem Netflix is ​​aware of is the quality of users’ internet connections – it offers a basic low-resolution plan that allows viewers to watch your content without the need for a high-speed fiber optic connection.

Games will only demand more on the home Internet, although increasing connection speeds and hosting an external server for game streams (as on Google Stadia) may offer a solution here.

A large part of Netflix’s streaming strategy in recent years has been the production of its own content – ensuring that it doesn’t have to pay as many licensing fees to other studios and can rely increasingly on content made by Netflix.

If Netflix is ​​looking to delve deeper into games, then we may see it create its own in-house studio, although the failure of other players in this area is likely to pause.

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