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Neowintech: The future of the financial market for your personal finances

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Managing your finances can be boring and very complicated, so it is always good to have some tools that allow you to apply your money wisely. It is increasingly common to come across fintech companies that streamline our time and money in organizing our savings and investment plans.

Neowintech’s value proposition consists of the combination of several financial packages – managed by third parties – but with an express agreement with the platform for the provision of a whole range of financial products, gathered in a marketplace (or market [financeiro], in Portuguese) unique and without major complications for the final consumer. There have been several alternatives in this market segment, but few offer such a wide range of offers.

Despite all the facilities, we recommend that you look for a knowledge collection approach before making any type of investment, because even if there is a facilitation of adhesion to any of the financial packages, it is recommended that the consumer is fully aware of the choices he is making do with your savings or investment portfolios.

Neowintech The future of the financial market for your personal

What is Neowintech?

This company allows the mediation of investments and the acquisition of financial products, between the final consumer and the investment suppliers, offering an advisory base for the realization of these investments, so, briefly, we speak of a financial marketplace, where the role of Neowintech it does not involve selling any of the products, but it is only the point of connection with the service provider.

This allows the democratization of access to financial management tools, through a system based on credible suppliers (considered by Neowintech itself) in order to guarantee the viability of the acquisition of these products or investments. Know that, for the least knowledgeable, Neowintech offers the opportunity to count on consultants that streamline time and money in managing the platform.

Neowintech The future of the financial market for your personal

How to join Neowintech?

The registration process on the platform is quite simple and intuitive thanks to the concept of agility and little bureaucracy, where within a few clicks and basic personal information, Neowintech can connect to its database, creating an account and a user ( as with tools like Paypal or your bank’s Homebanking).

In just over five minutes, the entire process will be completed. First, you will be asked for your e-mail, then the telephone contact, some important personal data, which is followed by processes to protect your account against possible fraud, a verification of your identity – to combat money laundering – where you will need to provide an image (front and back) of your Citizen Card or Passport.

1616708473 686 Neowintech The future of the financial market for your personal

And ready, after this process is completed, you are already registered with Neowintech and ready to take advantage of the services provided within the scope of the management of financial packages, among which, investment funds, savings plans, loans (under mortgage), among others.

Costs? Not for you, but for the investment provider

There is no lack of suppliers of investment packages or other banking intermediation services on the market, however, few are those who charge little or no commissions to their clients. According to Neowintech, all commissions that are charged for our financial assets are charged directly to investment providers that make their services available in this marketplace.

1616708473 550 Neowintech The future of the financial market for your personal

And what results does this bring? As a client, you have the opportunity to manage your investment portfolio without hindrance right from the start. In this way, it allows all types of people to access this type of investment – from those who have more available capital to those who have a smaller budget or savings.

Do not expect miraculous results or absurd capital increases, as you must invest with awareness and caution. Consider well before betting on any of these investment models. It is important to know what you have when investing your money.

1616708474 917 Neowintech The future of the financial market for your personal

Why choose Neowintech?

To be successful, the ecosystem developed by Neowintech can be incredibly the dream of any fintech, as well as, of its customers, since all costs are assured by investment suppliers who, having high profit margins are able to cope with this type of expenditure.

Associated with this low cost premise, they are associated, both for the intuitiveness (both of the website and the application) and for the security offered. Speaking of security, we highlight some of the tools used by Neowintech to protect suppliers and customers from fraud and computer attacks.

1616708474 382 Neowintech The future of the financial market for your personal

“Know your customer” is a process that allows the fight against money laundering (similar to that of countless investment sites), which allows to verify in real time the data inserted in the platform. This is perhaps one of the things that surprises me most, remembering that I entered my data and was notified a few minutes later with the approval of the data I entered (CC photo).

In addition to this security system, there is also the possibility of two-factor authentication, which combines the insertion of an access pin (along with your login email) with an SMS sent to your mobile device and, in the application, the use of biometric data to safeguard the unauthorized access to your personal account at Neowintech. In order to keep you always informed about the status of your account on the platform, you will be notified whenever necessary and in real time about the real status of your account.

1616708475 488 Neowintech The future of the financial market for your personal

Finally, this marketplace allows you to gather data from the various financial products, all in a simple and intuitive financial control center, where you can have access to the day-to-day performance of your investments and financial plans, always with the help of Neowintech consultants. .

It will have the most accessible support both for your investment funds – suited to your investor profile – as well as for pension plans, if you are looking to anticipate the moment of your retirement. For those looking to purchase a home, you can use Neowintech mortgage credit to satisfy your most basic needs.

1616708475 353 Neowintech The future of the financial market for your personal

For all those looking for more information about Neowintech’s value proposition and its services and associates in providing this personal or collective finance control service (in the case of companies), from the website or from the customer support team. Any questions should be sent directly to these consultants who will be there to assist you with your queries.

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