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Mysterious Porsche Panamera spied again, this time at Nurburgring

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Until it’s seen zoomed in on some of the side view images, we can only see the top of the panel, but it’s enough to see the covers hiding almost everything, and a screen mount is visible, as well as in the corner of a screen. ‘laptop’.

And Porsche apparently wants to keep this panel hidden during the process. If this were only happening a year from now, there wouldn’t be the same mystery as today. It’s very strange to see a builder testing a future model right after the current version is released, but it’s not unheard of.

One tip might come from the stickers seen on every corner of the car, which direct people to a Porsche website that outlines the company’s privacy policy regarding video recording. In this case, the policy specifically mentions video recording “in particular, for testing driver assistance systems”. Does Porsche have ambitions to enter the autonomous realm?

Mysterious Porsche Panamera spied again this time at NurburgringA Porsche Panamera test vehicle was thus seen at the Nurburgring with a slightly different front panel. Is a facelift already underway?
The author of the article hesitates to call this black Porsche Panamera a prototype that hides a facelift, but indications so far point to that this is exactly the case.

The whole situation is superficial because Porsche has just released an updated Panamera less than a year ago. This makes your head scratchy, as this is the second time a night-black Panamera has been seen with camouflage tape on its face.

The first was in May, when we called it a possible facelift. Now our spy sources are sure to revise that theory, but it’s still just a theory at this point. The evidence is right here, in this new set of sharp photos capturing a Panamera test vehicle racing at the Nürburgring. So, in short, we can easily see a new front panel that changes the corner openings, while offering a larger center grille and adding a small opening above the license plate.

1624695729 701 Mysterious Porsche Panamera spied again this time at NurburgringBlack tape is visible on the fascia above the corner openings, but it is only outwards in these changes that we can see. Everything else is standard Panamera. In any case, the author of the article says that we will be on the lookout for more sightings of the Panamera, while we will also scour sources of espionage for insider information.

Source: Engine1

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